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camera intent auto rotate to 90 degree. Ask Question Asked 7 years, 8 months ago. Active 5 years, 5 months ago. Viewed 16k times 7 5. In my code below, I am trying to take photo using native camera and upload to server but when I take it as portrait and view it in gallery as landscape which means, its rotated to 90 degree. Android: Rotate. Now, going by the new information, this time Google will bring a new auto-rotate feature that works with the front camera. It is said that Google is working to solve a long-standing screen rotation problem that has bothered users. The upcoming Android 12 may have the ability to detect the direction of the face to automatically rotate the screen

Camera Preview is rotated 90. (auto rotates unless keyboard is out) If I rotate the phone the camera preview is still rotated 90 degrees, so it must be using the accelerometer to determine upright. > android:screenOrientation=landscape in the manifest. It is not th Auto-rotate screen When this accessibility setting is on, the screen automatically rotates when you move your device between portrait and landscape. If you're using TalkBack, you might want to turn..

Posted via Android Central App Hmm, that sure is a major set back but what you can do is just open the camera and goto the settings>shooting mode> and change it to the portrait. Now your camera is.. The auto-rotate feature automatically rotates your device's display when you move your device between landscape and portrait mode. Here, you'll see two ways to turn on or off auto-rotate on Android. Pick the one you want. Remember that the steps to turn it on and off are the same Auto-Rotate in Android 12 Will Use the Front Camera. Android smartphones typically use the accelerometer to determine the phone's position and switch to landscape or portrait mode accordingly. While this works in most cases, the solution fails terribly when you're lying on a bed and using the phone In Technical When you capture an image on android using intent android.media.action.IMAGE_CAPTURE, it gets rotated 90 degrees on some devices. Here is how to solve this problem with the code snippets. I have tested it on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), Android 4.4 (KitKat) and Android 5.0 (Lollipop) First, you need to open the notification tray of your Android device. Then you need to search for the portrait or auto-rotate icon. You need to tap on the icon to check if auto-rotate works or not. If it doesn't work, then the portrait lock must be turned on from before

Android 12 will use the front camera for auto-rotate. Android smartphones use the accelerometer to detect the phone's position and then switch to landscape or portrait mode. This works well in most situations, but it fails when the user is lying down on the bed using their phone The sensor orientation is defined in Android as a constant value, which represents the degrees (0, 90, 180, 270) the sensor is rotated from the top of the device when the device is in a natural position. For all the cases in the diagrams, the image rotation describes how the data should be rotated clockwise to appear upright Auto-rotate on Android may not be liked by all users. When you want to read an ebook on your mobile, if the screen rotates to landscape, it would be annoying. It is the same case when you use your device in landscape mode. Another disadvantage of autorotation is that it will drain the battery life. Some users have reported that Turning ON the.

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To allow apps to rotate the screen according to the orientation of your device, or stop them from rotating if you find them turning around while you lie in bed with your phone, go to Settings >.. Google's latest Android 12 beta uses face detection to drive auto-rotate. It also has scrolling screenshots, new security features, and a better way to search inside apps According to information viewed by 9to5Google, Android 12 is set to bring an optional, face-based version of Auto-Rotate to Pixel phones.In essence, your phone will use your front-facing camera to. How to Fix Auto Rotation Problem in Android Phone. Download Quick Tune up from Google play store. Open it once installed, go to sensor calibration and run it..

But The Verge notes that the recently released Android 12 Beta 3 features a new method that delivers faster and improved auto-rotate. Instead of using just the accelerometer, the front-facing camera and facial recognition will help the phone figure out what orientation you want the phone in Auto rotate: Allows your device's screen orientation to automatically adjust and rotate depending on how you are holding your device. For example, if you turn your device sideways, the screen will automatically switch to Landscape mode. The Auto rotate icon looks like a small phone surrounded by two arrows. The icon will glow blue when enabled Reasons for Android Auto Rotate Not Working. Following are some issues that can stop your screen from rotating automatically when you turn your phone horizontally or vertically: The autorotate feature might be turned off or the screen you're which you are trying to rotate isn't set to auto-rotate Follow the steps below to disable Auto-Rotate on an Android phone: 1 - Tap the Settings icon (it looks like a gear or cog ). 2 - Tap Display. 3 - Tap Auto-rotate screen to uncheck the box beside of it. That's all there is to it

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Click your profile picture then click Settings. Click the Video tab. Hover over the preview of your camera. Click Rotate 90° until your camera is rotated correctly 1. Open the Google Photos app on your Android Phone. 2. Next, open the Photo that you want to Rotate and then tap on the Pencil icon located at the bottom of your screen (See image below). 3. On the next screen, tap on the Crop icon from the bottom right corner of your screen. (See image below Control the Camera. An API that allows you to control the camera directly, which in consequence affects the output of all bound use cases. CameraControl can be used to configure the camera's zoom, exposure compensation, focus and metering and enabling or disabling the torch (if the camera supports it).. CameraControl can immediately be used after getting a Camera instance

Google is making auto-rotate more reliable as it's bringing a new Face Detection option for auto-rotate on Android 12. With this new feature, Android will now take advantage of your phone's front-facing camera to detect your face and analyze its orientation relative to your phone so that it's able to accurately make out when the screen. Others complain about Google Pixel 3 XL auto rotate not working at all; it simply gets stuck in the vertical and won't go horizontal when the camera is moved. This is one of the most annoying quirks to find on a device, but be sure that you can solve the Auto Rotate Not Working issue However, you may face some troubles with using forced rotation o third-party camera apps so keep that in mind. Plus, the app covers an auto rotation mode that reacts to your device's physical sensors when you move it. There's also a lock current bar that empowers you to fix the current rotation mode for all the apps While taking photographs, we toggle the camera orientation between portrait and landscape to get the best scene. In modern-day digital cameras, these images auto-rotate themselves when you preview. It rotates the photos landscape or portrait no matter the auto rotate setting, it can't be locked into a specific orientation. That's the problem op is having. If I'm understanding you correctly, you shouldn't need Tasker. I keep auto rotate off and the camera still detects whether a photo is landscape or portrait. 5

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  1. Step 2: Set Up Rotation Manager. An initial set-up and tutorial page will greet you when you open Rotation Manager for the first time. Swipe to the next page and tap on the circular icon next to Auto-Rotate On until the text changes to Forced Portrait. This will set portrait mode by default and let you customize rotation for other apps.
  2. One of the surprising issues we encountered with Samsung Galaxy Note10 Android 10 update is about Auto-rotate not working. We did not encounter this problem.
  3. Fitur Auto-Rotate di Android 12 Akan Menggunakan Front Camera. makeusof.com; Smartphone Android, biasanya menggunakan akselerometer untuk menentukan posisi smartphone dan beralih dari mode landscape ke bentuk portrait. Meskipun ini berfungsi di banyak kasus, tetapi ada juga yang gagal terlebih lagi ketika sang pengguna dalam posisi berbaring di.
  4. Posts: 266. On Android device,Unity auto-rotation overrides user's device Auto-rotation setting while it respect user setting on IOS device. Is this a bug on Android or expected? Unity game with Screen.orientation = AutoRotation. 1) Android device, screen auto-rotation: Locked. Game still auto-rotate. 2) IOS device, screen auto-rotation: Locked
  5. I'm using this camera code to ask the camera to rotate the captured image data: Camera.Parameters params = camera.getParameters(); params.set(rotation, 0); camera.setParameters(params); this seems to work on all phones, except the Droid. Has anyone else seen this? The image data is always landscape, however, the nativ

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  1. Sometimes I want the camera to follow rotation, sometimes I don't. It should be an option in the API. For example if I am writing a photo taking app I might want to rotate my device to take a landscape photo so I want the camera to follow the rotation (camera locked to device orientation)
  2. How to disable auto rotate in certain apps on Android. Step 1: Download the ' Tasker ' app first from Google Play Store. After that, go to Settings > Accessibility > Tasker and enable the.
  3. go to General turn on Start Auto-rotate screen. and also turn on start on boot to allow to android auto-rotate. to boot service automatique if you restart your android phone. You can also control portrait, landscape, reverse portrait, reverse landscape four directions. The accompanying rotation modes are available in Auto-rotate screen
  4. I can't use MS Teams for video conferencing as the camera displays in portrait mode (rotated 90 degrees) while the tablet is in landscape mode (thus everybody sees me rotated 90 degrees). The tablet is set to auto screen rotate but this makes no difference to MS Teams
  5. S10 auto-rotate won't work fix #7: Install third party app. Though we doubt if this will help at all, you can buy some time by forcing auto-rotate to work temporarily by using some third party apps
  6. 2. Swipe down from the Quick Settings icons. This expands the Quick Settings icons so they cover the entire screen. 3. Ensure Auto Rotate is turned off. If Auto Rotate is currently enabled, tap the blue icon that resembles a phone tilting to disable Auto Rotate and lock your phone to Portrait or Landscape orientation

If Auto-rotate is already enabled, tap the icon to turn the feature off for a few seconds and then tap to enable it again. Performing this tweak will refresh the phone's auto-rotation system and. This item Fast Auto Tracking Tripod, NO APP Required, 355° Rotation Smart Selfie Stick Shooting Holder Camera Mount for iPhone or Android Face, Body & Action Sensor Auto Tracking Phone Holder, No App Required, 360° Rotation Phone Tripod for TikTok, Vlog Live Streaming, YouTube Video, Selfie, Built-in Battery Intelligent Cell Phone Stan Simply enable device rotation with the following steps and you'll be good to go! 1. Navigate to your Android device's Home screen. 2. Swipe down from the top of the screen. 3. Enable device rotation (the device rotation button may vary depending on make/model of your phone The Issue with OpenCV's Camera Module on Mobile. Even with all of the recent developments in Android's ARCore, there are plenty of reasons you might need OpenCV in your mobile Augmented Reality project. With image processing, machine learning, object detection, optical flow, and numerous other features — the library does a lot, and it isn't bound to just one platform, meaning that with. Android has been around for over a decade, yet for some reason, a feature as seemingly simple as auto-rotation is still kind of slow and janky. It's especially annoying when lying down or using.

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  1. Google has added face detection to auto-rotate, which will utilize the front camera to help the system know when to rotate the screen. Auto-rotate latency has been reduced by 25% due to a newly.
  2. Google is pushing out the third beta of Android 12 today, and it brings features like scrolling screenshots, enhanced auto-rotate and more
  3. Accelerometer and G-sensor problem . The auto-rotate function heavily relies on the phone's accelerometer and G-sensor. To fix this you can re-calibrate your phone. The calibration can be completed either by using the phone's inbuilt Calibrate option or by using a third-party app like GPS Status and Toolbox which is available for free on the Play Store
  4. I set my camera photo's setting to use .heif file format, then when I was in WhatsApp and select that image to be shared. it automatically rotated by 90 degrees. Has anyone encounter this problem too? It's really annoying when sharing a lot of images as I have to rotate in one by one

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Pixels may gain face-based auto-rotate with Android 12 2021/02/16 5:37am PST the optional feature will make use of the front-facing camera to analyze the orientation of the face and rotate. If your camera is displaying upside-down or sideways in the Zoom desktop client, you can rotate the camera in your settings until it is oriented correctly. This can also be useful if you want to mount your camera along the bottom edge of your display and thus need to flip the camera 180°

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The Google Pixel 5 has a broken auto-rotation, at least for some users, wherein the auto-rotate functionality completely stops working, and no amount of rebooting or factory resetting solves the issue. There have been plenty of complaints on the official Pixel Phone forums as well as Reddit regarding this Prerequisites. Previous experience with Android Development or Java to understand the syntax and structure. Access to Android Studio and an emulator or an android device with a camera Powerextra Face Auto Tracking Phone Holder Selfie Sticks 360° Rotation Smart Shooting Mount Sturdy Vlog Holder Smart Tracking Holder for iPhone Android Camera Visit the Powerextra Store 3.8 out of 5 stars 33 rating

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Android Pie made it a little more tolerable with the button to rotate the display when Auto-Rotate is off. But it can still be a tad inconvenient. Good thing now is that 9 to 5 Google shares a. On android phones, the orientation typically defaults to portrait. When you disable auto-rotation, the screen will always remain in a portrait mode. On android tablets, the orientation typically defaults to landscape. When you disable auto-rotation, the screen will always remain in a landscape mode Google Photos will rotate awkward sideways pictures for you. With the latest update, Google Photos will bring you more meaningful throwbacks, more action-packed animations, and suggested rotations. android:background= @drawable/border /> Move next, PhotoFragment class. We can't use standard intent to make a photo, we need custom functions, so we can use Camera class - it's deprecated, but still works nice, so let's use it. The Camera class is used to set image capture settings, start/stop preview, snap pictures, and retrieve frames for encoding for video

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  1. ently fix the issue, simply uninstall rotation lock adaptive free. Since you saved the setting as stock auto, it's using the stock rom's auto rotate
  2. For example, Google is introducing an enhanced auto-rotate feature that uses a phone's front-facing camera to help figure out when the screen should rotate and when it should stay still
  3. Android's auto-rotate feature has got better and faster with face detection to more accurately recognize when to rotate the screen. The enhanced auto-rotate feature is available on Pixel 4 and later Pixel devices. Google has optimized the animation and redrawing and also added an ML-driven gesture-detection algorithm to make screen rotation.
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  5. Android 12 will have a new auto-rotate function based on face position. The smartphone will use the front-facing camera
  6. e which direction the phone is trying to maintain (rather than relying solely on the accelerometer)

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I am having trouble with the phone detecting movement for auto rotation. YouTube, camera... Won't rotate when turning the phone on my pixel 2xl. I have restarted, the phone, turned auto rotate on and off through dashboard and settings. Nothing is working Starting in Beta 3, Android's auto-rotate feature has been enhanced with face detection, which uses the front-facing camera to more accurately detect when the screen should be rotated Pixel 4 XL, Android 11 Auto Rotate Not Working/Unresponsive. Pin . Lock . 0 Recommended Answers 4 Replies 26 Upvotes Since upgrading to android 11, My auto rotate is either not working, like in complete opposite orientation, or extremely unresponsive, it take 2-3 seconds to give me the correct orientation.. Android Custom Camera is based on Android's Camera 2 API and add buttons to enable/disable flash,take a picture and to rotate the camera front/back. it.alpha = 1f iv_camera_flash_auto. Download Auto-Rotate Screen apk 20150722 for Android. Android 1.5

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While most smartphones today can automatically detect the correct orientation when recording, you may need to know how to rotate a video on Android. This is helpful if you start shooting and then rotate the camera or if you just want to flip it to have fun and get a different perspective Rotation. By default, the camera rotation is set to match the default display's rotation during the creation of the use case. In this default case, CameraX produces outputs to allow the app to easily match what you would expect to see in the preview and sensor orientation which is the physical rotation of the device's camera sensor. android.hardware.camera2.CameraManager manager = activity.getSystemService(Context The updated autorotate feature might start using your smartphone's front camera to read the angle of your head. Author. HT Tech. 16 Feb 2021, 02:19 PM IST. in mobile. Android. (Pixabay) Recently, we saw several leaks and speculations around Android 12, which Google is set to launch later this year. The company also updated its developer.

Can rotate camera: YES + invert image YES + auto dim screen option You could still technically use a software like IP Webcam or any of the other numerous similar apps available on Android. 1 of the Best Android Apps of 2014 according to TechRadar. Do the world a favour and download it, after all, it's free. It auto-levels you photos & videos while recording, using your device's gyroscope. Rotate, the frame stays fixed; and Locked, the auto-leveling is disabled Other apps can launch Horizon to record a video for them Next, tap Display under the Device heading, then remove the checkmark next to Auto-rotate screen to disable the screen rotation setting. To turn the setting back on, go back and check the box ImageAnalysis acquires images from the camera via an ImageReader. Each image is provided to an ImageAnalysis.Analyzer function which can be implemented by application code, where it can access image data for application analysis via an ImageProxy . The application is responsible for calling ImageProxy.close () to close the image The Android 4.0 (API Level 14) framework provides APIs for identifying faces and calculating picture settings using face recognition technology. Note: While the face detection feature is running, setWhiteBalance (String) , setFocusAreas (List<Camera.Area>) and setMeteringAreas (List<Camera.Area>) have no effect

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Set cropping image as Bitmap, Resource or Android URI (Gallery, Camera, Dropbox, etc.). Image rotation/flipping during cropping. Auto zoom-in/out to relevant cropping area. Auto rotate bitmap by image Exif data. Set result image min/max limits in pixels. Set initial crop window size/location. Request cropped image resize to specific size Rotate the MVP matrix in clip space to account for the devices orientation since the swapchain resolution/extent no longer update with the orientation of the display Update viewport and scissor rectangles as needed by your application Here is a link to a minimal example of pre-rotation being implemented for an android application But in the presence of a strong, trusted Wi-Fi network, one that you've used in the past, Android 10.0 and 11.0 can automatically turn your phone's Wi-Fi back on. From Settings, tap Network. Capture Genie Smart Selfie Stick, 360° Rotation Auto Face Object Tracking Camera Mount, Hands-Free Photo or Video Phone Holder, Vlog Shooting Tripod Stand Gimbals Stabilizer for iPhone and Android 3.9 out of 5 stars 16

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The face-based version of Auto-Rotate to Pixel phones will use the front-facing camera to check if anyone is looking at the screen. If it detects that someone is indeed looking at the screen then. Fast Auto Tracking Tripod, NO APP Required, 355° Rotation Smart Selfie Stick Shooting Holder Camera Mount for iPhone or Android 4.0 out of 5 stars 82 2 offers from $39.9 Android 12 Beta 3 is out with scrolling screenshots, the ability to allow the auto-rotate feature to detect the orientation of your face for improved screen rotation, and other improvements

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Under Settings > Display > Auto-rotate screen, a new enable face detection option can be found. When enabled, Android 12 will use the front-facing camera of your Pixel phone to more. Google has released Android 12 Beta 3, which includes two major new features. The first is an enhanced auto-rotate feature that uses the front camera and face detection to orient the screen. CameraController listens to the device's motion sensor to correctly rotate the output of its use cases. CameraController adds support for the ImageAnalysis use case, making it a more robust. The Android 12 Developer Preview is around the corner and reportedly Pixel phones may be getting a new face-based option for auto-rotate. The Pixel phones, as well as Android devices, will have their display orientation rotate to match the smartphone's orientation, according to a report by 9To5Google

Faster auto-rotation and face detection. Google is trying to improve Android's auto-rotation in Beta 3 by using a face detection feature. With your phone's front camera, Android 12 can. In Android 8.0, users could toggle between auto-rotate and portrait rotation modes using a Quicksettings tile or Display settings. In Android 9, we updated portrait rotation mode to eliminate unintentional rotations by pinning the current screen rotation even if the device position changes

Many Android devices are equipped with built-in cameras. In this tutorial, we will work through the basic technique for capturing an image using the Android camera and then cropping it using apps the user already has installed on their device 9to5Google reports that Pixel devices may get a new face-based auto-rotation feature in Android 12. With this, the device will use the front-facing camera to see the head orientation and will.

Update 4 (September 22) IST 02:57 pm: Even though Android 11 has been out for several months to allow developers to ensure app compatibility, the users of the DJI GO 4 app have realized that the app does not run on Android 11. Fortunately, DJI is working on Android 11 support for the app. More on this here.. Update 5 (September 24) IST 12:00 pm: Based on new developments, it seems that some. Once the rotation lock is turned on, Windows 10 will no longer auto-rotate the screen. Here's how you can do it. 1. First, click on the Notifications icon. You will see it to the rightmost side of the taskbar. It will look like a message bubble icon. 2. In the Notification Center, click on the Rotation Lock button to turn it on. Once. How to fix screen auto-rotation problems on Windows 10 Disconnecting peripherals. If you're using a 2-in-1 device like the Surface Pro, accessories, such as a detachable keyboard or dock can cause.