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Schau Dir Angebote von Blind auf eBay an. Kauf Bunter Quick to install, no drilling or screwing! Fitting the blinds into the window without the use of a frame gives a beautiful and elegant finish.With no drillin.. INTU Venetian is an easy to install integrated blind system ideal for modern windows. INTU fixes between the window rubber gasket and the glass, so there are..

The INTU Screw Fit is a development of the older model of blind called 'Iso' blinds. The principle is simple, they are fully tensioned and sit virtually flush to the glass panels RE0337-Bright White. Shop online for all your Intu spare parts. width: 240mm • max. Vale INTU Blackout Roller blinds fit in front of the glass which allows you to keep out all

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We`ve prepared these handy video instructions to help our customers measure and install INTU Aluminium Venetian Blinds. These snap-fit venetian blinds are so simple to measure and install. Our video takes you through the process, step by step. And we`re right here to help if you need help or have any questions - dial 0161 494 9616 or email customer.services@newblinds.co.uk Perfect fit blinds are aptly named and are created by a frame-based system that push-fits between the glass of the uPVC windows and the neoprene gasket (a rubber-like material around the glass). INTU Blinds have a lot in common with Perfect Fit Blinds, but unlike PF Blinds, INTU Blinds do not clip into the frame

The INTU system was designed from scratch to do one job, integrate into your windows, whereas Perfect Fit came from a different view, how to fit 'standard' blinds into a frame that then fits your windows. A good example of this is with the Venetian versions of the 2 blinds. The Perfect Fit Venetian still uses the twist wand to tilt the slats The fact that INTU blinds fit very close to the glass makes them the perfect choice for Bi-fold doors and Tilt and Turn doors and windows. And, because there's no free-hanging cord loop, they're one of the safest blinds available

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In short Perfect Fit blinds have a frame whereas INTU blinds don't. Sounds simple, but below we've gone into a little more detail to discuss the pros and cons of having, or not having the frame. Perfect Fit pleated blind. One of the main advantages of the Perfect Fit frame is greater privacy. The frame overlaps the front of the fabric or. Mark the place where you will fix your brackets. Perfectly align your brackets for a level blind. Drill screws into your UPVC window frame to secure the brackets. Clip your headrail into the brackets to complete your fit Screwfit allows you to fit INTU outwith the size parameters of the standard Beadfit options, in particular for larger or taller windows. The option requires minimal use of screws to hold and tension the blind. For 2018 we welcome the latest addition to the INTU family in the form of a new colour; Anthracite

intu blinds fit perfectly into the inside frame of most modern windows and conservatories including tilt and turn windows and glazed doors. The fixing brackets and mechanism are hidden because they are attached to the beading - no drilling or screw fixing INTU Pleated Blinds on Bi-fold Doors Fear not, help is at hand! We can also supply the INTU blinds in a Screw-Fit version, which looks virtually identical to the bead-fit version, but as the name suggests the blind is screwed in to place. Please see our INTU Screw-Fit blinds post for more information Mount the blinds 2 inches above the glass to ensure privacy. Measure 2 inches out from the glass on each side with a tape measure and draw a line with a pencil. Do the same procedure at the bottom of the glass for the hold-down brackets, which will keep the blinds in place when you open and close the door. Read in-depth answer here

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  1. Intu Blinds - Buy online, one of the most neatest fitting blinds for any window with a rubber seal. Easy to fit without drilling or screws these integrated blinds are ideal for any home or conservatory. Free samples - 3 Year Guarante
  2. INTU® Perfect Fit® We will make your blind smaller to fit into the recess. There is no need for you to make any adjustments we do this in production this is called recess size. Your blind will arrive about 3-10mm smaller, so it hangs freely and fits perfect within the recess
  3. INTU Blinds are an alternative to Perfect Fit Blinds. All of our Intu Blinds are bead-fit which means no drilling or screwing is required to fit them to your windows, doors or conservatory. They simply Snap Fit
  4. With a metal tape measure, ensure the rubber beading is less than 6mm wide, from the edge of the frame to the edge of the glazing. If your rubber beading is wider than 6mm Perfect Fit blinds will not be suitable
  5. INTU Blinds have a lot in common with Perfect Fit Blinds, but unlike PF Blinds, INTU Blinds do not clip into the frame. Instead, they have a surface fitted plastic cover that is fitted at the top of the windows, as well as an inbuilt slider that operates the tilt function of the blinds. Again, there are no cords that hang down and pose a threat.

Intu Pleated Blinds are ideal for most upvc windows and are especially suited to conservatories where privacy, summer heat and winter cold are at the foremost. Screwless blinds at their best with a huge range of blackout honeycomb and pleated fabrics. Free Samples - 3 Year Guarante INTU Venetian Blinds, NO Drilling, No Screws, Easy Clip to Fit Blinds. Unlike the Perfect Fit Blinds, which have a four sided frame, INTU Venetian Blinds are manufactured with a head-rail that houses the tensioned aluminium slats with a bottom rail to raise & lower.The head-rail clips into the rubber bead of the window frame and is supported by two discreet side channels that run the length of. Similar to Perfect Fit blinds, INTU blinds are the perfect shading solution for those who don't want to deal with the drilling and screwing that comes with regular blinds. However, unlike Perfect Fit blinds, INTU blinds are frameless, meaning they strike a very clean, minimal aesthetic

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