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  3. um coating with a reflectivity of 92-93%
  4. Get the best deals on Telescope Mirrors when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items New LOW PRICE #### 12 inch THIN EDGE PYREX Telescope Mirror Blank #### $285.00. $54.97 shipping. or Best Offer. Meade 2 inch diagonal mirror for LX-200. $100.00. 0 bids. $10.00 shipping. Ending Friday at 3:44PM PDT.

Purchase telescope mirror blanks here. We provide 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch telescope mirror blanks in standard 3/4 thickness, and larger mirror blanks up to 20 inches in 1 thickness. All of the mirror blanks we sell are individually tested to be free of internal strain Spherical astronomical mirror Newtonian reflection diameter 160 mm F=1375. $80.00. $15.00 shipping. Telescope Mirror Blank Ultra Thin ~24-5/8 dia. x 1in. Thk. PICKUP ONLY PA 18932 Conical Cross-section and Standard Parabolic Mirrors See description on new 6, 8, 10 and 12.5 inch conical mirrors as well as 14.5 inch and larger mirrors for mounting methods. Please note that the 8, 10 and 12.5 inch mirrors come all required mounting hardware. A General Description of Conical Mirrors. Conical Mirror Specification


Jim's Mobile, Inc. (JMI Telescopes) is a world renowned manufacturer of astronomical telescopes and aftermarket accessories for the amateur and professional astronomer. We manufacture telescopes and accessories such as telescope wheels, carrying cases, guiding computers, focusers, motors and motor controls and much more 12.5 f/5 Classic $4,495. Plus Shipping & Crating. The Obsession 12.5 f/5 is a premium telescope for observers that want the best of all worlds. Crisp images at f/5 so no coma corrector needed. Super compact size that can be hauled in any car. Ease of use second to none. Full thickness primary for perfect images. Curved spider for views like an. Zambuto Optical Company is a full service custom manufacturer of premium Newtonian primary telescope mirrors from 7 through 24 diameter. Special Notice-We want to let our customers know that during this timeframe we continue to do business as usual. There may be delays with regard to shipments due to outside circumstances beyond our control. Telescope Mirror Blanks Providing telescope mirror blanks and kits to telescope makers. Mirror blanks are individually tested for internal strain. Plastic protractor inserted under a 6 inch mirror blank during a stress test, to illustrate what stress would look like - if there were any present

TECHSPEC® Precision Parabolic Mirrors are available in sizes ranging from 3 (76.2mm) to 16.25 (412.8mm) and are ideal for a wide range of applications. These parabolic mirrors are offered with protected aluminum, enhanced aluminum or protected gold coatings. Uncoated substrates are also available. Optical Cell Kinematic Mounts Parabolic mirror: GSO offers very HIGH quality parabolic mirrors for the people who want to build their own telescopes or DIY project. The parabolic mirror size from 6 to 24, all of these mirrors were made by BK7 or Quartz quality optical glass, all mirrors have an enhance aluminum reflective coating, reflectivity is approximately 93%. The aluminum coating is protected by a properly applied. A mirror cell for 8 to 12 traditional dob. The mirror cell is made with all 13-ply Baltic birch primary mounting plate and backing plate. Just tell me the I.D. (inside diameter) of your telescope tube. This is a simple3-point cell, optimized with Plop, and affixes to the mirror with silicone AstroGoods mirror cells are individually designed and built with computed support point positions for optimal performance. By computing support points from your mirror's specifications, glass deformation is minimized. Designing to your mirror's thickness and diameter prevents unwanted movement in the cell. Design: 6 cell is a set design, with.

AGI also supplies Schott SUPREMAX 33 mirror blanks. SUPREMAX 33 is a borosilicate Pyrex equivalent, and is an excellent alternative for telescope mirror blanks. Our blanks have the following standard characteristics: Precision annealed material (6 Mu or less guaranteed) Edges diamond ground with a 220 grit finish. Dimensional tolerances +/-.010 Parabolic Primary Mirror. This 12-inch Dobsonian telescope comes with a twelve-inch parabolic primary mirror that is specially designed to capture a large amount of the light and to produce perfectly crisp and bright images of the object you are observing. It is a great choice for everyone who is interested in astrophotography. Fully-Coated.

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  1. All the Mirrors in this range come with Ronchi, Foucault and Testing Data. 300mm (12) Glass F/5 Parabolic Mirror $1480AUD 300mm (12) Glass F/6 Parabolic Mirror $1400AUD 350mm (13.7) Glass F/5 Parabolic Mirror $1800AUD 350mm (13.7) Glass F/6 Parabolic Mirror $1700AUD 400mm (15.8) Glass F/5 Parabolic Mirror $1980AUD 450mm (17.7) Glass F/5.
  2. 12-inch Telescopes offer exceptional resolution for their size. They can resolve double stars at .38 arcseconds and can be magnified up to 610 times the human eye. 12 Optical tubes also make exceptional light gatherers by allowing an observer to see 16.2 magnitude stars! 66F02752-8092-4859-B96B-3EE9425CA98F. Expert Support
  3. AstroSystems offers the TeleKit in a variety of sizes: 10, 12.5, 13.1, 14.5, 15, 16, 17.5, 18, 20, 22 and 24 inch truss tube telescope kits. What we are really offering is an opportunity for you to experience the pride and satisfaction of building your own, top-quality telescope

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Haushaltsartikel von Top-Marken zu Bestpreisen. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic 18.5 inch diameter arcs. (used on Obsession 12.5 inch scopes) $75 per pair plus $28 shipping. 20.5 inch diameter arcs. (used on Obsession 15 inch scopes) $285 per pair plus $50 shipping. 24 inch diameter arcs. (used on Obsession 18 inch scopes) $325 per pair plus $60 shipping

GSO offers secondary flat telescope mirrors to match the complete telescope set request. Our elliptic flat mirror has the same high optical quality as our parabolic primary mirrors using BK7 quality glass. All of the mirror surface quality over 1/12 wave RMS at the least, typically better. All mirrors have an aluminum reflective coating of 93% This example is a 6-point flotation cell for mirror 12-16 in diameter. Other sizes available. I also build simple 3-point cells for all sizes of mirrors. For more information, click here.--Any size, $199.+--Silicone included. Cooling Fan Assembly: This is an example of a 12Vdc fan installed on a 12 telescope. Power for the fan is provided. This is a 12.5 inch diameter, 1.5 inch thick, light-weight telescope mirror blank that I made myself. The blank only weighs 11 lbs, 15 oz. This is a process I call The Waffle-Back Design, because the finished mirror blank looks like a big waffle. I have pretty much abandoned this design in favor of the honeycomb design above 1-3: A cast aluminum cell for a 4¼ inch mirror. 1: Foam support pads and brass mirror retaining clips in a mirror side view. 2: You can clearly see this is a 'pull' type cell, springs provide the push. 3: Rear view, wing nut adjustments and tube mounting bolts clearly seen. 4: An older 8 inch 'push-pull' cell: The wing nut pull against springs, then the black knobed push screws lock the cell.

8 Inch Telescope Mirror Blank. $145.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 10 Inch Telescope Mirror Blank. $225.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 12.5 Inch Telescope Mirror Blank Home Why Quartz Quartz Mirror Blanks 10 - 11 Diameter 12.5 Diameter 14.5 Diameter 16 Diameter 18 Diameter 20.25 Diameter Custom Orders Contact Us Where Quartz meets Telescopes Following in the footsteps of Greg Rohde (Superior Optical Supply), new owners Tim and Chris Anderson (Five Star Optical Supply) will continue to provide high. The Galaxy Optics optical thin film coating system was specifically designed for coating telescope mirrors. The optical coatings have uniform center to edge thickness. C-1 and C-2 Primary Mirror Coatings. Diameter C-1 C-2 14.5 $ 400 $ 300 16.0 $ 450 $ 350 18.0 $ 550 $ 450 20.0 $ 700 $ 550 22.0 $ 850 $ 700 25.0 $ 1200. Larger sizes (up to 20) and longer focal lengths are available, prices on request. Coating of 8 and larger lenses available at additional cost. 8, 10 and 12 at $275.00, $500.00 and $750.00 respectively for all four surfaces with MgF2. 2 element air-spaced design New Ordering Procedures for 2020 (PLEASE READ) 6 Inch F/8 Odyssey ® Telescope Component Kit. Reg Price: US$ 303.75. Price: US$ 249.95. 8 inch f/6 Mirror Set, Primary Mirror, Secondary Mirror. Price: US$ 259.95

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You'll be ready to observe the Universe right out of the box with the amazing 12 Apertura Dobsonian telescope! The AD12 package includes everything you'll need to get started, including a full-sized right-angle (RA) image correct 8x50 finder scope, two eyepieces, a laser collimator, cooling fan, and more 12-36x50 spotting scope with straight eyepiece. 12-36x power, twist-up eyecup. £39.99. Free postage. NIPON 12-36x50 spotting scope. 12x to 36x Zoom. Wildlife & nature observation. £39.99. Free postage. Only 2 left. 12-36x50 compact spotting scope. 12x-36x magnification

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Consider a 10-12 degree Celsius difference: a 10 inch mirror with a fan running will take about 40 min to cool but a 12 inch mirror will take about 60 min. Folks that may be calling for 12 inch over a 10 probably have a smaller scope they use from home Reflector telescopes for sale at Astronomics. Astronomics is a family-owned business that has been supplying amateur astronomers, schools, businesses, and government agencies with the right optical equipment and the right advice since 1979 The November 1974 issue of Sky & Telescope (page 325) carried an article by Eric G.H. Mobsby of Blandford Forum, Dorset, England, describing a method of testing medium and long focus mirrors with a special inverse grating that can be interpreted with the ease of a Null Test. Robert A. Cox, then Co-editor of the Gleanings for ATM's column. The telescope comes with a matching mirror case - it is designed to allow easy removal of a truss pole to facilitate reaching in and removing the 21-pound primary for travel or indoor storage. Above: Sixteen inch mirror cell with optional knurled brass collimation knobs

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Quotes on custom mirrors available as well. Enjoy image quality equal to apochromatic refractors. Why spend thousands for a little telescope of limited resolution and light grasp when you can get the benefits of larger aperture and see a lot more for less. NOW! Conical mirrors in 6, 8, 10, 12.5, 14.5 and 16 inch sizes. Go here for detail The 8 f/12 Classical Cassegrain Telescope features a machined, dual-speed (10:1) 2 Crayford focuser equipped with a sturdy linear-bearing mechanism for enhanced rigidity and stable support of heavy astrophotography equipment. It allows use of 2 accessories, and a 1.25 adapter is included for use of 1.25 eyepieces and accessories Although large in aperture, the 12.5 and 14.5 telescopes, weighing in at 55 lbs and 70 Lbs. respectively, may still be handled by one person due to its entirely aluminum construction. The 16 telescope is designed primarily for installation in a personal observatory and is also well suited for schools or universities Criterion RV-6 Dynascope. RV-6 that has been cleaned up and clock drive has been. Celestron NexStar 8SE 203mm. Selling it as I will be upgrading to bigger telescope,. 1.60m (63) Glass-Ceramic. 1.60m (63) Glass-Ceramic Telescope Reference Sphere with. Celestron 11 Edge HD OTA Like. I have a Brand NEW Celestron 11. Features of the UL16: Exclusive Sandwich Mirror Technology: Our sandwich mirror technology has been used to manufacture research-grade optical elements and proven by over a half dozen years of successful applications at research facilities such as NASA, California State Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo, for the US Army, and in amateur telescopes around the world

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  1. Primary mirrors are supplied exclusively by Lightholder Optical (16-22), manufacturer of fine primary mirrors. Antares Optics provides finely crafted 1/20 P-V secondary mirrors up to 4.00 Minor Axis that are a perfect match for these fast primary mirrors. Ostahowski Optical supplies 1/10 P-V secondary mirrors larger than 4.00
  2. Meade 12.5 Starfinder Dobsonian Reflecting Telescope 1248-04-33 represents some of the finest telescope values available anywhere. Consider these standard-equipment features: Meade Optical Systems: All Meade Starfinder models, both Equatorial and Dobsonian Reflecting Telescopes, include a superb, hand-figured parabolic primary mirror manufactured of low-expansion, fine-annealed Pyrex glass at.
  3. Buy dobsonian telescopes at Astronomics. Astronomics is a family-owned business that has been supplying amateur astronomers, schools, businesses, and government agencies with the right optical equipment and the right advice since 1979
  4. The Questar 12 astro telescope was initially equipped with a refractive finderscope, but Questar changed this to a Questar 700 lens set up for wider field of view use (as low as 22x) with their 1.25 inch diameter mirror diagonal

A mirror blank is the key item that an amateur telescope maker will need to begin building a reflecting telescope. A 12.5 inch blank is recommended for amateurs with some experience in mirror making Hubble Optics. is the leading manufacturer of high-precision lightweight optics and complete telescope systems. We pride ourselves on providing high quality products. 16 Premium Ultra Light Dobsonian System. 20 Premium Ultra Light Dobsonian System. 24 Premium Ultra Light Dobsonian System. Since our establishment in 2003 in Texas, we've. telescope that can match the views my 17.5 TD delivers. PLEASE CONTACT US BY PHONE TO ORDER OPTICS. PRIMARY MIRRORS. Made from precision annealed PYREX glass. Upgraded enhanced aluminum coatings. (1/20 wave front RMS or better-up to 10) (1/15 wave front RMS or better-12.5 and larger) 6f/8. 48 fl 9-point (for 10 aperture) or 18-point (for 12.5-20 apertures) powder coated aluminum primary mirror flotation support cells. Our standard design allows the mirror cell to tailgate or tip out for easy installation and removal of the primary mirror It is a fine-looking, near full-thickness, 10 inch diameter blank that I intend to grind and polish into a 1st class telescope mirror. Here is a stack of my home-made 8 and 10 inch mirror blanks. The second from the bottom is the one above

A 20-inch telescope mirror for sale will collect 6.25 times more light than an 8-inch telescope mirror will. However, the price of the mirror increases as the mirror gets larger. A larger telescope primary mirror will also make your telescope heavier and longer. The curvature of the primary mirror dictates the focal length of the telescope The objective mirror has a parabolic shape to easily capture light rays and direct them to your eyepiece. Because all wavelengths reflect off the mirror the same way, reflector telescopes virtually eliminates chromatic aberration. You will find Newtonian Reflector telescopes typically mounted on either an Equatorial or an Altazimuth mount Dobsonian Telescopes. If your passion is to visually observe deep space objects, large Dobsonian telescopes are the ultimate tool for the job. Dobsonian telescopes are popular because they offer the most available aperture for the dollar. While they may not look like a telescope to the first time buyer, virtually all amateur telescopes over 14.

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Homemade 12.5 Inch Dobsonian Telescope: How to build a 12.5 inch closed tube Dobsonian telescope. I began building it in the spring of 2008, but the bulk of the work was done in July of 2008 with first light occurring on July 25. This Instructable describe the planning, design, and pa Light from the sky enters the tube and gets reflected by this mirror back up to the top of the tube where there is a small diagonal mirror that bounces the light out the side of the tube to your eye. A Dobsonian telescope is an alt-azimuth mounted Newtonian telescope design popularized by the amateur astronomer John Dobson starting in the 1960s

Best 12-Inch Dobsonian Telescopes. Here are our reviews of the best 12-inch Dobsonian telescopes. 1. Orion 10023 SkyQuest XX12i IntelliScope Truss Dobsonian Telescope. Don't let its massive size fool you, this 12-inch Dobsonian telescope, from Orion, has solved the transportation question with this model An 8-inch mirror is enough to reveal some of the fainter deep sky targets, yet the telescope is manageable enough to get a lot of use. This model comes with an impressive number of accessories including 2 eyepieces (I especially like the 2″ 30mm Plossl eyepiece) and a laser collimation tool

RCOS Carbon Truss 20 inch Ritchey-Chrétien Telescopes... Use an RCOS 20RC at NOAO's Kitt Peak National Observatory (RCOS 20 f/8.2 with ION Milled optics shown). High atop Kitt Peak sits the largest collection of optical research telescopes anywhere in the world. Each evening, we offer a public program like no other A 20-inch telescope mirror for sale will collect 6.25 times more light than an 8-inch telescope mirror will. ZWO Filter Savings! The shipping cost will be $70 for the surface delivery and $100 for the air delivery, for US. The illuminator screws into the end of the finder and can be removed easily to change batteries The telescope for the second observatory is a Ritchey Chretien RCOS 20-inch scope that Brian modified with custom accessories.Gear: Telescopes: 12.5-inch Newtonian astrograph - $12,000RCOS 20-inch. Optic Wave Labs 6 Inch F/6 Parabolic Telescope Primary Mirror Set Optic Wave Labs 6 Inch F/6 Parabolic Telescope Primary Mirror Set includes an 6″ diameter primary mirror & 1.55″ minor axis secondary mirror. Primary mirror is 1/8 wave or better and .950 Strehl ratio or better and comes with test results The kits range from 6 inches to 12 inch Dobsonian telescopes and will cost you between $300-600. You will have to decide the size of the telescope mirror that you would like to purchase. The most common plans available are for 8inch and 6inch Dobsonian Telescopes. However, if you want to expand your scope, you can use the plans available.

Europe's big telescope shop! Buy your telescope now at Astrosho So, if you are a beginning telescope maker, you should use Pyrex. We recommend you start with a six inch scope to begin with. It is actually faster to make a 6 inch and then a 12, than to make a 12 inch first. This is due primarily to learning being faster on a smaller mirror, and much of the time spent is correcting errors

Reducing the weight of these large mirrors - sometimes down to one eighth the weight of an equal sized solid mirror -- allows changes to the superstructure for ground-based telescopes, helping to reduce costs and extending functionality. Corning continues to develop and expand the use of this telescope mirror technology This 12 reflecting telescope comes with quality optics figured to an astounding 1/12th wave! The shiny black optical tube rides on an easy-to-use Dobsonian mount that is a cinch to learn how to use and enjoy, for adults as well as older children

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Concave Spherical Mirrors. Ideal for Focusing Light. Aluminum and Gold Coating Options. Available in Sizes Ranging from 9 - 50mm. Large Parabolic Reflectors. Ideal for Light Collection Applications. Features Center Hole and Mounting Rim. 12, 18, 24 Diameters Offered. Precision Ellipsoidal Reflectors Mirror blanks in stock (for sale as completed mirrors) NOTE: These are mirror blanks, not finished mirrors, and are on hand and ready for grinding. Under most circumstances I do NOT sell unfinished mirrors/blanks. 16 f/5.0, 1.40-thick Pyrex - one in stock; 16 f/3.7, 1.3-thick Supremax - two in stock; 20 f/3.0, 1.25-thick Pyrex - ONE LEF Mirrors that sustain 25x to 35x per inch of aperture I rate as good. Mirrors that sustain 25x per inch of aperture are acceptable. Mirrors that sustain 15x to 25x per inch of aperture are poor, usable only at lower powers. Mirrors that fail at 12x per inch of aperture are plain just not finished Optic Wave Labs offers the services of its in-house coating facility to the public. We provide standard aluminum , semi-enhanced aluminum, enhanced aluminum, gold and silver coatings. Our automated deposition system can accommodate telescope mirrors up to 22 inches in diameter. We coat new mirrors as well as re-coat your existing mirror In this article I will show how it is possible for the ATM to make his own Cassegrain telescope. Mostly featured is my 12.5 inch f/20, however some photos are from a similar 10 inch telescope (this article is not intended to provide detailed instructions.) Definition of the Cassegrain Telescope

INTES Micro was founded in 1991 and is one of the world's leading companies in developing, manufacturing and exporting premium class Russian-made Optics and accessories for experienced (professional) amateur astronomers. The Maksutov-designed telescopes stand for high quality optics with small tolerances and are sold in over 20 countries worldwide Please see prices below for our Primary Telescope mirror coating service, price includes removal of old coating if this is applicable*. Prices are shown for mirrors of different thicknesses, if ordering this service online please choose the correct thickness service for your mirror. Shipping costs are. £7.50 for orders of value up to £50 In your opinion what is the biggest diameter that a have to attempt to make a Newtonian telescope mirror? Is possible to stick (to glue) two glasses to increase the thickness? What is the ratio between the diameter & the thickness of the Mirror? It is possible to make a 12 inch (300 mm) mirror with ¾ inch, 19 mm ? Celestron - Motor Assy - AZM/RA for NexStar 6/8 SE Telescopes. $146.00. With this product, you earn 146 loyalty points. SKU: CEL-NEX6-F01. In Stock. Spend $300 and get free shipping. Add to Cart. Celestron - Motor Assy - ALT/DEC For the NexStar 4/5Se series only. $46.00 This is a Generation II telescope.All updates have been performed on this telescope. No telescope type has changed the hobby quite as much as the Dobsonian. Before the introduction of the Dobsonian by John Dobson, the vast majority of amateur telescopes consisted of small telescopes with primitive mechanics - barely enough to see the polar caps of Mars or the rings of Saturn

AG - ASTROGRAPHS Carbon tube Astrographs with wide, flat fields utilising carbon fibre sandwich tubes. AG telescopes are precision computer designed, hand built instruments. The flat fields are achieved by employing a state of the art, lens corrector system, designed especially to produce a wide, flat field up to 60mm diameter. All our AG 'scope Casting a Large, Light-Weight Telescope Mirror From Recycled Glass: The first photo below shows a 12.5 inch diameter, 1.5 inch thick, telescope mirror blank, made from recycled glass, that has been lightened by casting the mirror in a mold that made lots of hexagon-shaped pockets in the back of the mirror. This is LX600 Power Panel for 10 and 12 models. $321.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare

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Thorlabs' mirror blanks are designed to be used as front-surface mirrors when coated. Fabricated from substrate-grade fused silica, which exhibits high transmission in the 185 nm to 2.1 μm range (refer to the transmission graph to the right), these mirror blanks offer a high degree of purity an Specifically, the Dobsonian telescope is a reflecting telescope with a Newtonian optical design. This means there is a concave mirror at the end of the telescope tube and an eyepiece on the side, toward the front. The mount is really what distinguishes the Dobsonian from a standard Newtonian telescope

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StarHopper 12 Telescope. In the 1960s, Celestron's founder, Tom Johnson, created groundbreaking new telescopes never before seen on the consumer market. Today, our world-class team of optical and electronic engineers continues to push the boundaries of technology. From the SkyProdigy, a telescope so smart it can align itself, to our high. 12.5 inch (0.32 meter) f/9 Ritchey-Chrétien Specifications: 12.5 inch f/9 Ritchey-Chrétien optics by Star Instruments using near zero Expansion ULE Type substrate certified to at least 1/25th wave RMS. Supporting Fringe Analysis and interferometric data supplied with each optical set The standard kit includes all the finished optical components needed to build a Newtonian reflecting telescope; namely, the primary concave mirror, the secondary flat mirror, two eyepieces of 25mm and 12.5mm focal lengths, one Barlow lens that increase the power of any of the eyepieces from 1.5x to 4x times, a 25mm diameter objective lens and. The example used in this article a 12.5-inch f/7.04 Newtonian (F = 88 µ) will be discussed. A 1.52-inch quartz secondary was purchased from E & W Optical, Inc. and installed in a Novak 1.5 2-inch secondary mirror holder that came with an overlap rim of 0.125 µ. Using a milling machin

Telescopes. Designed for a lifetime of observing. Crafted from our exclusive hardwood collection, an NMT is durable, sustainable and precise. Some woods available in very limited quantities Fullum-folded Newtonian®: For the large telescopes of 30 inches and more, Optiques Fullum developed a unique Fullum-folded Newtonian structure. In this configuration a parabolic primary mirror with a very short focal (F/3.5-F/4) is coupled to a secondary mirror placed much lower than normal, which will redirect the optical axis at a 17.5-degree angle instead of 45 degrees 0.965 Telescope 45 Degree Star Diagonal Mirror + H12.5mm Astronomy Eyepiece. AU $18.94. Was: AU $19.94. Free postage 94% REFLECTIVE MIRRORS: Fully multi-coated borosilicate primary and secondary mirrors deliver exceptional views. COMES COMPLETE: All accessories such as, 2-inch Crayford-style focuser with 1 1/4-inch adapter, two super wide-angle eyepieces (25mm and 10mm), and 9×50 straight-through finder scope are included with purchase

Every SDM telescope is a handcrafted original with 300 - 400 hours of skilled craftsmanship lavished upon each creation. Delivery dates are best estimates but I will not rush the delivery of your SDM. Your scope is as important to me as it is to you. Your SDM is fully field tested so that I can be completely satisfied you are receiving your. The intention with this telescope was to build a robust and powerful telescope using the relatively inexpensive 16 inch mirror sets produced by GSO. The concept for this 16 Dobsonian is a similar to that of my 22 Dob, except that it is of course smaller and somewhat simplified MEADE 12 LightBridge Truss-Tube Dobsonian Telescope . Portability, high quality, and well built, excellence is the main focus of the Lightbridge 12 Dobsonian Telescope. Meade always thrives to not only please their fans, but to advance the amateur astronomer lifestyle to the future

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254mm F14.5 Maksutov-Cassegrain (254F145MC) Our new 254 mm f/14.5 Maksutov-Cassegrain generated a lot of excitement when we introduced the proto. MSRP: Was: Now: $22,000.00. Quick view Meade 12 (305mm) f/10 LX90-ACF Advanced Coma-Free Telescope w/8x50 Viewfinder Features. GPS: LX90 can do more than track satellites. It talks to them as well. Turn it on and the built-in Sony GPS sensor immediately determines your precise date, time and location. AutoAlign then uses this info to align your scope for a tour of the most. The 16 LX600 includes the patented Starlock auto-guiding system for automatic full-time guiding with one arc-second precision under good seeing conditions, zero image-shift focuser, AutoStar II GOTO system with over 145,000 object library, and much more. The Meade 16 LX600 has our fast f/8 ACF™ optics 3251mm focal length) and Ultra-High. Telescopes can also be made to fit customers existing mirrors. Sizes up to 10-inches diameter normally use closed aluminium tubes. Dobsonians of 12-inches and larger are of Truss-tube construction, which makes them highly portable for their aperture, compact when disassembled for storage and quick and easy to dismantle and reassemble

ZWO. ZWO ASI2600MM Pro 26MP 3.76µm Cooled Mono CMOS Telescope Astrophotography Camera - ASI2600MM-P. From $3,050. Select options. In Stock! Add to Wish List. Celestron. Celestron Basic SmartPhone Adapter DX Kit with BlueTooth Shutter Control - 81037. $29 Included with the SS-C80 telescope are the G-SPA smartphone adapter kit, pre-assembled metal tripod, accessory tray, Cassini Mars Eye electronic finderscope, 1.25 20mm eyepiece, 1.25 6mm eyepiece and Cassini Stellarium planetarium software. See all Telescopes. Price Match Guarantee. $109.95 Anand traders telescope mirror 90 degree mirror diagonal for 60AZ and 50AZ refractor telescope 0.965'' 12. Quick look Artshai 15 inch Telescope with Magnetic Compass Direction Finder Combo (Black) 1-12 of over 1,000 results for Telescopes

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Sky-Watcher 127mm f/13 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope (OTA Only) B&H # SK127MMMCOTA MFR # S11520. 3 Reviews. Key Features. 127mm Aperture Maksutov-Cassegrain OTA. 1500mm Focal Length, f/12 Focal Ratio. Limited-Diffraction Optical System. Fully Multi-Coated Optics. Available in other Styles, Configurations & Kits The Parabolic Primary mirror (illustrated below, and as seen from behind the telescope optical tube at left) is the factor by which most telescopes are described; hence an 8 telescope has a primary mirror of 8 inch (203mm) in diameter with a versatile 1200mm mm focal length (f5.9) The Best 10 Inch Dobsonian Telescope. The title for best dobsonian telescope for sale today goes to the Sky-Watcher 10 Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope. This telescope stands out not only because of its fantastic quality, beautiful mirror, and rave reviews from satisfied customers, but because it solves the greatest weakness of the dobsonian. 30 Convex Acrylic Safety & Security Mirror W/ 1 Telescopic Mounting Bracket Acrylic Convex Mirrors comes with a formed molded plastic back which makes them suitable for both indoor and light outdoor applications. A simple telescopic mounting bracket is included with this convex mirror. These convex mirrors may be mounted to walls, ceilings or posts with included mounting hardware

Telescope - Reflectors | AstromartObsession 15" f410 inch Open Truss Telescope (Pending to Jim ) | AstromartTelescope Convert M36" to 2" Helical Focuser Adapter