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  1. The first real development of the Shorthorn breed took place in the valley of the Tees River. This river, the valley of which is so well known in the development of the breed, lies between Durham and York counties, and the large cattle that inhabited this fertile valley early became known as Teeswater cattle
  2. Bred & Owned - the top placing B&O steer in each class will be asked to come back to compete for the Bred & Owned Champion ShorthornPlus Steer (no additional entry fee). Prospect and Market show together for Bred and Owned. Steers will be weighed on check-in day. Steers may be weighed back upon entering the showing
  3. imum of 50% Shorthorn will show in the shorthorn plus classes. Michigan for instance at the major jr open shows has a Shorthorn plus class, because the breeders voted to represent. So to answer your question : if this is a local or state show contact the state breed association
  4. There are some rules you will want to follow when putting your cattle into the proper contemporary groups. The sex of calf is a major factor, always sorting heifers and bulls into their own groups at birth, and then into heifers, steers, and bulls for any data collected from weaning onward
  5. above, heifers registered CHI-Maine are not acceptable and will be shown as Commercial. In the Shorthorn breed, heifers must be 15/16 registered purebreds. In the Simmental breed, heifers must be 3/4 blood and above. Breeding Heifers will be shown with no glue or paint. The breeding heifer show will consist of two divisions: registered and.

Milking Shorthorn - Junior yearling Heifer born Mar. 1 to May 31, prior year 06 Milking Shorthorn - Winter yearling Heifer born Dec. 1, 2019 to Feb. 29, prior year 07 Milking Shorthorn - Senior yearling Heifer born Sept. 1 to Nov. 30, 2019 Milking Shorthorn - Female, Junior Champion and Reserve Champion 0 There must be more than one exhibitor in a class to pay more than one premium placing. No exhibitor shall be permitted to win more than two prizes in any class. Shorthorn - Winter heifer calves, calved November 1 to December 31, previous year 07 Shorthorn - Senior heifer calves, calved September 1 to October 31, previous yea The process of placing sperm in the female reproductive tract by some other means than natural mating is known as. artificial insemination. The first breed of beef cattle imported to the United States in the late 1700's was the: Shorthorn Proper Insemination Technique. In cattle, AI is performed using a recto-vaginal technique. It is necessary that the operator is previously trained in this technique, although it is not difficult, it requires some skills and training to guarantee good results. Proper placement of semen in the uterine body improves pregnancy rates per.

Enter all market steers in class WWW the superintendent will place in the proper class after weigh in Dairy Breeds: Holstein Brown Swiss Guernsey Jersey Ayrshire Milking Shorthorn CLASS 0330- Medium Weight Dairy Steer Grand Champion Medium Weight Market Dairy Steer Reserve Champion Medium Weight Market Dairy Steer 0331-Heavy Weight Dairy Stee Shorthorn Cattle Enthusiast. October 15, 2020 ·. Manchee Agriculture. October 15, 2020. A beautiful line of Shorthorn Thousand Guineas steers from the Brownlie Family, Deepwater, Meandarra, Qld. Returning over $2000/hd, The Thousand Guineas brand from JBS Swift has doubled in sales over the last 24 months. 1919 Proper business may be transacted at any meeting, whether regular or special. Section 2: Time and Location Notice of the time and place of the annual meeting of the Association shall be determined by the Board of Directors and published in the Association magazine (Shorthorn Country) at least sixty (60) days prior to said meeting. Said notice shal

PLACING CARD A placing card is the official record of how a person placed a class. Every time you judge a class of livestock you will be asked to turn in a placing card. Shown below are two examples of placing cards. There is a line for your name or contestant number (A) and. a line for the class name and/or number of the class (B) Meonside Tops Skipton Beef Shorthorn Highlight. A first-time foray south of the border to make its debut at the North of England Beef Shorthorn Club's 10th annual show and sale at Skipton Auction Mart paid rich dividends for the Meonside herd of Tom Bradley Farmer when claiming top price of 6,000gns with a prize-winning heifer placed the shorthorn market steers 3-4-1-2. In the top pair of more moderate framed, structurally correct steers I like the advantage in cutability that 3 has over 4. In my opinion, 3 is a cleaner finished steer that handles trimmer down his top and is freer of waste through his lower one-third. Plus, he is the more up-headed steer that is smoother in his shoulder and cleaner through his chest. Admitting, 4 is a heavier boned steer that is wider in his upper hip. However

Champion Born and Raised Shorthorn Heifer: Nikki Smith. Shorthorn Plus. Class 11: Xavier Ferris, 1st. Champion Born and Raised Shorthorn Plus Heifer: Xavier Ferris. Simmental. Class 12: Delaney. Beef Shorthorn JUDGE: MR A. HAIGH, LINCS Class 41 BULL, born on or after 1.1.2018 Class 42 Cow in milk or in calf or with natural calf at foot Class 43 HEIFER, born on or after 1.1.2017 Class 44 HEIFER, born on or after 1.1.2018 Please see interbreed classes. All animals must be registered with the Beef Shorthorn cattle Society Friday, November 20, 2020 Cattle available for viewing Saturday, November 21, 2020 11:00 am - Complimentary Lunch 1:00 pm - 10th Annual All Star Classic Shorthorn Sale. Online Bidding. DLMS www. Cattle will be placed into the chutes by the showman. The Cow and calf pairs must be identified on the proper form by June 1. The Cow must have a suckling calf at side (no embryo transfer calves) born before June 1. Class 4 Shorthorn Class 5 Other Pure Breeds Market Steers Class 8 Crossbred Class 9 Angu

Purebred Shorthorn Heifer DOB: 2/17/11 KES Allie (CF Proper x JL Alexis) **Reserve Grand Champion Prospect Overall, 2011 Jay County 4-H Fair **FULL SIB TO KES Brennan 109** - Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer, 2011 Jay County 4-H Fair - 2nd place 2011 IN State Fair - 2nd place in class and 1st place bred and owned, 2011 National Junior. CLASS C - REG. SHORTHORN Lot 20. Heifer calf, junior 21. Heifer calf, senior 22. Heifer, summer yearling 23. Heifer, junior yearling 24. Heifer, senior yearling 25. Cow, 2 years old & older Entry will be placed in the proper class for showing. Lot 99. Alternate Anima

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  1. DEPARTMENT 1 - OPEN CLASS DAIRY MICHELLE NEFF - SUPERINTENDENT ASHLEY EBERHART —ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT All sections in this division have the same classes and premiums DAIRY REGISTERED 0202 - Senior Heifer Calf (9/1/18 to 11/30/18) 0206 - Senior Yearling Heifer (9/1/17 to 11/30/17).
  2. 403-795-8030 780-812- 4581 416-985-3309. Ringmen Ryan Hurlburt Leo Leblanc. Alberta's Finest Bull & Heifer Sale 2021. 306-292-9812 780-940-1135. Consignors BAEHR ACRE SHORTHORNS Stephan & Connie.
  3. Class No. Premiums: $2, $1.75, $1.50, $1.25 1. Educational Posters: recommended size 12x22 2. Educational Exhibit other than poster 3. Item of equipment, made by member, for care of Dairy Cattle (must be a different article than Class 1-3) 4. Second item of equipment, made by member, for care of Dairy Cattle (must be different article than.
  4. proper place and the walkways in the barn are in good order and appearance. Any decorations erected including barn cards will be considered in the judging. All decorations must be removed before any premiums will be paid. Judging to be done at the superintendent's discretion. Class No. Premiums: $2.00, $1.75, $1.50, $1.25 1. Bee
  5. 1st Place - $50; 2nd Place - $30; 3rd Place - $20 The Nebraska State Fair Board will offer awards to the top three (3) exhibitors in the Open Class Dairy Cattle Show demonstrating clean, neat, attractive animals; proper storage of feed and tack; clean alleyways; and proper manure disposal. Creativity of display will also be considered
  6. Class for non pedigree by a Shorthorn bull. They are 3/4 Beef Shorthorn and 1/4 Highland. They will be 18 months old by the sale date and weigh about 450 kg. They will make excellent suckler cows and are by Plynlimon Kenneth, his EBV's are in the top 5% ( milk top 1%)... The cow Plynlimon Daisy is also entered.( photo on an earlier post
  7. Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay! Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪Shorthorn‬

2. A class for commercial breeding heifers is available for non-registered breeding heifers. 3. All heifers to be eligible shall be born between September 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020. Fall born heifers are allowed at the county and state fairs. 4. Heifers shown in this division cannot be shown in any Market Beef Class Crossbred heifers will show in a Commercial Class. All heifers must be identified by a legible tattoo and birthday corresponding to the Livestock Identification Form, and be born during the preceding calendar year, inclusive. Reserve Shorthorn Br. Heifer - ABS Sanitation & Craig Kaisand. Members are to enter project in proper class by. Shorthorn Classes Class numbers are the same for Thursday and Friday - please make sure you enter correct breed on entry blank AY BS GU HO JE MS Spring Heifer Calf - born on or after March 1, 2021 - May 31, 2021 1 2 3 Winter Heifer Calf - born Dec 1, 2020- Feb 28, 2021 4 5 Th e purpose of the project is to help youth get a start in the beef cattle business by awarding heifer calves to project participants chosen on the basis of merit, future goals and ability to care for the animal. Any youth that is between the ages of twelve (12) and sixteen (16) years of age as of JUNE 30, of the given year and a 4-H or FFA member may enter *New Dairy Shorthorn AI Sire* *Sexed and Conventional* Churchroyd Pure Class (MS6760) is an Ex90 classified More bull, with both dam and grand dam classifying Ex97. His dam averaged at 7,942kgs of milk at 4.22% fat and 3.42% protein over her 8 lactations

The NI Beef Shorthorn Club held their annual calf show at Kilrea Mart (by kind permission). Local breeders came out in force with a record entry of 37 calves and yearlings from some of the Province's leading herds and also from new exhibitors. They were rewarded with over 70 enthusiastic spectators, including a strong Fermanagh contingent After you wash your animal for the first time (about a month before the show), clip her too. Make sure she is completely dry. If she is wet or damp, you can use a blow dryer or a dairy vac to try and speed up the drying process. I would also recommend being dry, yourself CLASS F - MILKING SHORTHORN 1. Spring Heifer Calf 2. Winter Heifer Calf 3. Fall Heifer Calf 4. Summer Yearling Heifer 5. Spring Yearling Heifer 6. Winter Yearling Heifer 7. Fall Yearling Heifer 8. 2-year-old Cow (in milk) 9. 3-year-old Cow (in milk) 10. 4-year-old Cow (in milk) 11. Cow 5 years & over (in milk) 12. Dry Cow (must have completed 1. The 4-H member should be regularly involved in the care of the heifer regardless of where the heifer is kept, and the 4-H member should have exclusive show rights to the heifer during the 4-H lease period from May 15th through the Putnam County 4-H Dairy show and the Indiana State Fair, if exhibiting at the State Fair Proper breed documentation is a registration certificate from a respective (Exception: Cattle registered as Shorthorn Plus which are 7/8 or less and Foundation Simmentals which are 50% to 75% will show in the low percentage division) After each class is placed, the top four placing animals may b

Shorthorn/Shorthorn Plus 1. To show in the Shorthorn show the animals must be 50% Shorthorn blood concentration or higher and registered with The American Shorthorn Association. All heifers less than 50% will be shown in the AOB show. 2. Original registration papers must accompany all animals. Simmental 1 To participate in this section, the exhibitor must have made entry in breeding stock or market class. Any showmanship class of 10 or m ore entries will be split. The judge will call back the showmen of his choosing to compete for the final placing i n each class. Any heifer being shown must be 6 months of age or older. Class . 2210 Novice 8-10. A heifer can be a show heifer but, ultimately, they have to be a cow, says Gary. You can collect all the blue ribbons possible, but if an animal can't produce, they aren't worth having around. GKB-bred cattle have won at national, regional, state and county levels Shorthorn cattle are red, white, or roan in color. Shorthorns are horned or polled. beef cattle conformation to evaluate and place a class of animals. Level 3 & 4 members will also present oral reasons in order to explain and defend their placement of the class. By judging livestock, members learn

Lot 03 - Shorthorn . Lot 04 - Hereford . Lot 05 - All Other Registered Breeds (When registering please denote breed) Female Classes: 1. Spring Heifer Calves, calved March 1, or later 2. Junior Heifer Calves, calved Jan. 1 -Feb. 29 3. Winter Heifer Calves, calved Nov. 1-Dec. 31 4. Senior Heifer Calves, calved Sept. 1-Oct. 31 5 CLASS A - Ayrshire CLASS B - Brown Swiss CLASS C - Guernsey CLASS D - Jersey CLASS E - Milking Shorthorn CLASS F - Holstein Premiums: $9 - $7 - $5 - $3 101. Bull calf, spring 102. Bull calf, winter 103. Bull calf, fall Premiums: $11 - $9 - $7 - $5 104. Heifer calf, spring 105. Heifer calf, winter 106. Heifer calf, fal

CLASS number would be 255. SECTION 1 - OPEN CLASSES - DAIRY CATTLE 100 Ayrshire 300 Jersey 150 Brown Swiss 350 Milking Shorthorn 200 Guernsey 400 Other Registered Dairy Breeds 250 Holstein 450 Red & White Class Premium $10.00 $9.00 $8.00 $7.00 $6.00 1. Junior heifer calf born between Mar 1, 2021 and May 31, 2021 2 the Dairy Class Schedule ASHBOURNE SHIRE HORSE SOCIETY 124th Ashbourne Show The Polo Ground, Osmaston Nr Ashbourne, DE6 1LU Saturday 15th August 2015 DAIRY AND BEEF CATTLE CLASSES Livestock Secretary: Mrs Emma Pederick, Quilow Farm, Osmaston, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 1LU Tel/Fax: 01335 348889 www.ashbourneshow.co.uk ENTRIES CLOSE 1 AUGUST 2015 LATE ENTRIES WILL BE RETURNED ENTRY RULES ALL. Starting with the Cattle from Brucellosis-Free States 1. All sexually intact cattle may enter without a brucellosis test. 2. Steers. No brucellosis test required but must be individu- ally identified and listed on a Certificate of Veterinary Plus shows.Inspection. ii. Sexually intact cattle from brucellosis Class A states Champion over-all.1 Enter by breed and then correct class number for age of breeding animal. 2. Cow and Calf 3. Heifer, 2 year old, born between May 1and Dec. 31. 4. Heifer, born between Jan. 1and April 30 of previous year. 5. Heifer, born between May 1and Aug. 31 of previous year. 6. Heifer, born between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31 of previous year. 7

122 Dairy Heifers Secure at least 1 heifer, learn management, Exhibit at least 1 animal in any B feeding, health, and fitting & showing, etc. dairy calf or heifer class. Project divided into 3 levels - beginner grades 3-5 (project years 1-3), intermediate - grade • DIVISION 5 -- Milking Shorthorn When making entries please designate each Class entry with your Division Number preceding the Class Number. Example: 1-1 is the Brown Swiss, Summer Heifer Calf; 3-1 is Guernsey, Summer Heifer Calf. CLASS 1. Summer Heifer Calf: born after 6/1 current year 2. Spring Heifer Calf: between 3/1 and 5/31 of current. 1st Place - $50; 2nd Place - $30; 3rd Place - $20 . The Nebraska State Fair Board will offer awards to the top three (3) exhibitors in the Open Class Beef Cattle Show demonstrating clean, neat, attractive animals; proper storage of feed and tack; clean alleyways; and proper manure disposal. Creativity of display will also be considered On entry form please put Class name under Name of Exhibit, NOT animal's name. Entries due (no exceptions) 6:00 PM Wednesday, August 1, 2016 Entry fees: $5.00 on all Heifer, Cow, and Group Classes. All animals must be in place by 10:00 AM, Wednesday, August 17, 2016 Judging begins at 10:00 AM, Thursday, August 18, 2016 Except: Class 9X only - non registered class. All animals exhibited in the breeding classes must have proper registration paperwork and must be in ownership of the exhibitor

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  1. JUNIOR/HEIFER CLASSES The first place animals in classes 1 - 7 for all breeds will be paid $100.00. All other animals shown in these classes will receive $75.00 regardless of placing. Maximum 20 per class. SENIOR/COW CLASSES The first place animals in classes 11- 19 for all breeds will be paid $150.00
  2. Class 1 Spring Heifer Calf (Born after February 28, 2021) Class 2 Winter Heifer Calf (Born December 2020, January, February 2021) Class 3 Fall Heifer Calf (Born September, October, November 2020) Class 4 Summer Yearling (Born June, July, August 2020) Class 5 Spring Yearling (Born March, April, May 2020
  3. Item S-SP-B-3592 - Grand champion shorthorn at a cattle show and sale; Item S-SP-B-3593 - Mrs. I.J. Hardie and John Egnatoff during federal election; File S-SP-B-3594 - Provincial 4-H Club winners who were to go to Toronto Royal Winter Fair; Item S-SP-B-3595 - Elks Club presenting a television set to Kilburn Hal

4 a.m.-1 p.m. Cattle Barn Arrival on grounds Tuesday, August 31 9 a.m. Warner Coliseum Ayrshire Milking Shorthorn * Ayrshire and Milking Shorthorn will run concurrently by classes 10 a.m. Warner Coliseum Guernsey Red & White Wednesday, September 1 9 a.m. Warner Coliseum Holstein Brown Swiss Jersey Thursday, September 2 10 a.m. Warner Coliseu 6. WINTER YEARLING HEIFER, Born December 1, 2018 - February 28, 2019 7. FALL YEARLING HEIFER, Born September 1 - November 30, 2018 8. JUNIOR & RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMPION - Classes 1-7, first and second place animals will be considered. RULES AND REGULATIONS - The Michigan Dairy Youth Heifer Show is open to all Michigan youth ages of 8 thru 21 showing home bred cattle. Limited to the six highest-placing animals. In the event of a tie, the seventh highest placing animal will be used as the tiebreaker. Premier exhibitor award will be presented to the exhibitor of each breed earning the most points for animals exhibited and owned by one family, limited to the six highest-placing animals

Class I05SH02. Senior Heifer Calf - Born July 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020. Class I05SH03. Junior Yearling Heifer Born January 1, 2020 - June 30, 2020. Class I05SH04. Senior Yearling Heifer - Born August 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019. Class I05SH05. Grand and Reserve Shorthorn Champion Heifer - Classes 01-04. Class I05SH06. Two & three. A known daughter of 'Sassy Crystal'. 'Amber' has already been Junior Heifer Champion in her first show. She is correct and gentle, halter broke and would be good for a young showman. Her full sister was shown in the Buckeye Best program and did well, she was Shorthorn Plus Class Champion Junior Heifer at the 2017 Ohio State Fair DIVISION 190 DIVISION 290 MILKING SHORTHORN PREMIUMS: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Schedule A $60 $50 $45 $10 $10 $10 Class Description 123 Junior Heifer Calf, born Mar - June 2019 A 124 Senior Heifer Calf, born Sept 2018 - Feb 2019 A 125 Junior Yearling Heifer, born Mar - Aug 2018 J Jersey M Milking Shorthorn CLASSES Class 1 - Spring Heifer Calves (not eligible for this show) Class 2 - Winter Heifer Calves (born Dec. 1, 2018 - Dec. 31, 2018) (No 2019 calves) Class 3 - Fall Heifer Calves (born Sept. 1, 2018 - Nov. 30, 2018

The results? The Shorthorn/Angus cross calves have easily outperformed their straight Angus calves from years before. The crossbred Shorthorn/Angus calves have been quite versatile, recording higher weaning weights and high meat quality. We are extremely pleased at how well the Shorthorn cattle have adjusted to their surroundings and thrived Class No. Premiums: $2.00, $1.75, $1.50, $1.25 1. Educational Poster, recommended size 12x22 2. Educational Exhibit other than a poster 3. Item of equipment, made by member, for care of Dairy Cattle (must be a different article than Class 1- 3) 4. Second item of equipment, made by member, for care of Dairy Cattle (must be different article tha Random Luck B Tea Rose was the 1st Junior in the Aged Cow Class at WDE'18. Heading up that group is Random Luck B Tea Rose '2E-95', a Bonanza daughter that was also the Reserve All-American Aged Cow in 2019, placing 2nd at Madison to the eventual Supreme Champion, Delilah. She was also the Reserve All-American Aged Cow in 2017, and the.

J/D Cattle Co - Online Sale TODAY, October 9th on Show Cattle Connections. John: 402-873-2224 Travis: 402-209-4148 Fu Man Chu x Warrant Trust In Me x MAB x Sim Fu Man Chu x [] 12:14 pm - October 9, 2019 s) ALL beef breeding heifers must have an RFID tag to exhibit including purebred heifers. t) For breeding heifers, a club member may show only two animals per class. All Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn, Simmental, Chianina, Limousin, Charolais, SimSolutions, Shorthorn Plus, Maintainer, and Maine-Anjou heifers must be registered the class. it tells what you judged (angus heifers, for example) and how you placed the class (4-1-3-2, for example). the introduction also explains how easy or hard it was to place the class of animals. • tHe second roW explains why the 1st place animal is over the 2nd place animal. • tHe tHird roW explains why the 2nd place anima

It recognizes that there are certain practices in the proper care and management of dairy cattle and will be given slight to serious discrimination in placing animals within class: (1) Excessive manipulation of hair. Milking Shorthorn . Classes . 0001 Heifer Calf, Spring, (3/1/2017 - 5/31/2017) 0002 Heifer Calf, Winter, (12/1/2016. 7. Ribbon placement will be awarded after each class. 8. Division winners will be eligible to compete for grand champion. 9. Exhibitors of 2nd Year BBC will show the animal in only one class, either as a 2nd Year BBC or in the appropriate age class in the Dairy show or corresponding class as market beef or breeding beef

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1 (a) The Irish Shorthorn Society Ltd shall maintain: (i) The Shorthorn Herdbook for Shorthorn cattle of the traditional type (no infusion of genes from other breeds) and of the beef type (may have infusion of Maine Anjou genes in the back pedigree) and. (ii) The Milking Shorthorn Herdbook for the blended Milking Shorthorn breed To show in the dairy steer market class, animals must be of one of the seven major U.S. dairy breeds (Holstein, Red and White Holstein, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Jersey, or Milking Shorthorn). Steers of all breeds except Milking Shorthorn may be registered or grade Sep 22, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Sammy Yanez. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Brown Swiss Results 2017. By Hoard's Dairyman staff @hoardsdairyman. I place this class of Brown Swiss cows D-B-C-A. For me, D is the most structurally correct. She has the best fore udder and most correct teat placement. She also shows more balance of rear quarters than B. In addition, she shows more length of neck and more cleanliness in her. Steers/market heifers tied at the end of the arena will be considered for all awards and placing by the judge. The 1st and 2nd place market cattle will be wiped down after the class on the way out to check for artificial coloring rule. Violation of the no artificial coloring rule will result in automatic DQ and the 2nd moves to 1st and etc

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Brown Swiss Results 2020. C-A-D-B is my placing for this class of Brown Swiss. C sorted herself to the top of this class, having the best udder. C places over A on her definite advantage in the udder, having a higher, wider rear udder and showing more fullness at the top of her rear udder. Additionally, C has shorter teats placed more squarely. of age on the day of judging and must still be nursing. Calf entries in the Cow/Calf class may be shown individually, provided proper entry has been made. Champion Cow/Calf pair is eligible for Champion Female. Section 1 Open Beef Cattle CLASS 1st 2nd 3rd 4th $18 $16 $14 $12 1 In 2013, the Primeston Beef Shorthorn stud, one of the oldest Shorthorn studs in the country, came onto the market. Although it had by then decreased to just seven cows, the herd can be traced back to 1861, when Messrs George King and Sons of Bedford imported a few dairy-type Shorthorn heifers and a bull from Britain

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For sale an absolutely smashing purebred registered shorthorn heifer with her absolutely serious bull calf at foot. Cow is 28 months old and Calf is 3 m.. Awarded to the 1st place exhibitor in each of the junior showmanship sections. All 4H exhibitors will receive an award from the Cambray Veterinary Service. Cattle Classes. Class 17 - Shorthorn Class 18 - Hereford Class 19 - Polled Angus Class 20 - Charolais Class 21 - Simmental Class 22 - Other Beef Breeds Class 23 - Limousi place, if it was touched, and make sure the animal is reset properly. A. True 8) T or F? When instructed to change place in line, lead out forward and turn the animal to the right (clockwise). Keep the calf between the judge and yourself. Lead back through the spot you just left and lead to the proper place. Avoid making very short turns as thi 5 Late Summer Yearling Heifer - calved July 1 - Aug. 31, 2018 13 Champion Cow - Calf (class 10) 6 Early Summer Yearling Heifer - calved May 1 - June 30, 2018 Reserve Champion Cow - Calf (class 10) 7 Late Junior Yearling Heifer - calved March 1 - April 30, 2018 14 Grand Champion Female (classes 11, 12 & 13 ing their exhibit in the ring or other proper place des-ignated when the class is called for, the exhibit to be judged or sold. It is their responsibility to familiarize Shorthorn Division 2015: Limousin Division 2016: American Breeds Class 7: Heifer, late junior yearling, born between May 1, and Aug. 31, 2018..

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On entry form please put Class name under Name of Exhibit, NOT animal's name. Entries due (no exceptions) 6:00 PM Wednesday, July 5, 2017 Entry fees: $5.00 on all Heifer, Cow, and Group Classes. All animals must be in place by 9:00 AM, Thursday, August 17, 2017 Judging begins at 9:00 AM, Friday, August 18, 2017 With proper care and management, the vast majority of calves can be weaned by 4 to 5 weeks of age. But avoid making weaning decisions by age alone. Instead, use the amount of starter eaten by calves as the primary indicator of weaning time. Calves that eat 1.5 to 2 pounds of grain per day for 3 consecutive days are ready to be weaned

Class 11Supreme £150.00, Reserve £100.00, Res. Res. £50.00. HEIFER, born after 01/01/2016 Class 12 HEIFER, in calf-Class 13 COW, in calf Class 14 HEIFER, in milk Class 15 COW, in milk Class 16 GROUP OFClass 16 THREE, property of same exhibitor The JERSEY CATTLE SOCIETY offers a Special Rosette and Prize Card for the Best Jersey Cow o Class Numbers 106(__) Milking Shorthorn & All Other Breeds Classes - Last 2 digits for class number Example: Class 10407 is Holstein Senior Yearling /Fall Yearling Heifer. 01 Junior Heifer Calf/Spring Heifer Class, born on or after March 1 of current year and over 4 months of age 02 Intermediate Heifer Calf/Winter Heifer Class, born on or afte breed association, except those cross bred heifers to be shown in the cross bred class. Rule 8: Beef Heifer Classes: Heifers will be shown in four (4) classes. American Class, English Class, Exotic Class, Cross Bred Class. Rule 9: Classes will be: Heifer Calves 1

Shorthorns: Will show under the American Shorthorn Association sanctioned show and sale rules. All Shorthorns must attain the 15/16-blood concentration level to be eligible to show. Appendix Registry Cattle will show in AOB. There will be an Appendix Shorthorn show if there are 5 or more entered News Meonside herd tops at 6,000gns on debut at CCM Skipton Beef Shorthorn highlight A first-time foray south of the border to make its debut at the North of England Beef Shorthorn Club's 10th annual show and sale at Skipton Auction Mart paid rich dividends for the Meonside herd of Dumfriesshire's Tom Bradley Farmer when claiming top price of 6,000gns with a prize-winning heifer

Dominate the industry. 90 of the dairy cattle in the US. Officially known as Holstein-Fresians. From Netherlands and Northern Germany. Arrived in US in mid-1800s. Typically black and white in color. Total milk solids are lower. Solids refer to milk fat solids found in milk. These are used to determine quality and use of This heifer is long bodied, clean necked and beautiful fronted. Her half-sister has been our show heifer this year and placed in the top of her class at the American Royal, Cattlemen's Congress and Cowgirls in Cowtown. Cash-Farms Shorthorns Dam: Cash-Farms Rosie Name:Cash-Farms RK Rosett class. 8. Junior exhibitorS. Junior exhibitors will be treated as adults, but may have their cattle stabled together if requested. Junior owned and leased animals will be judged with open cattle and will be asked to step forward just prior to the time of ribbon presentation (exception: Milking Shorthorn). Classes will follow those of the Open Show

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These materials have been put together to help students and youth to learn the basics of judging and evaluating dairy cattle using various methods. This resource was designed to be used with other resources to help teach basic dairy cattle judging and evaluation. There are numerous 4-H, Cooperative Extension and Breed Association booklets freely available, referred to in the document placement females and feeder calves. You will find, their value is driven by repeat customers and reputation cattle. The Truth - Whether you run registered or commercial cattle - Manage your cattle to maximize their appeal, reputation pays and reputations are earned. We look forward to serving you. Mark Cowan Member

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CLASS 7 - PINZGAUER CLASS 8 - SHORTHORN CLASS 9 - BRAHMA CLASS 10 - CROSSBRED BEEF/BEEF CLASS 11 - CROSSBRED BEEF/DAIRY (AT LEAST 50% DAIRY) CLASS 12 - MARKET STEER (MUST BE ENTERED IN MARKET SALE) CLASS 13 - OTHER BREEDS. LOT . Junior Heifer calves, born after Jan. 1, the current year. Late Senior Heifer calf, born after Nov. 1, previous year 1. These shows are open to regularly enrolled Kentucky 4-H and FFA members engaged in an approved beef project. All entries must be under the supervision of the extension agent or vocational agriculture instructor. 2. The requirements for animal entry into Kentucky can be located at 302 KAR 20:040 and for Sale and Exhibition at 302 KAR 20:065. 3 1. Each person who participates in the showmanship contest held during the market steer show & heifer show will receive $4.00. 2. Steers - Wednesday afternoon, for age classes 8 to 10 yrs., 11 to 13 yrs., 14 to 16 yrs. & 17 yrs. and over. 3. Heifers - Tuesday afternoon after breeding classes. 4. Animals in showmanship must be the exhibitors animal

Cattle, or cows (female) and bulls (male), are large domesticated cloven-hooved herbivores.They are a prominent modern member of the subfamily Bovinae, are the most widespread species of the genus Bos, and are most commonly classified collectively as Bos taurus.. Cattle are commonly raised as livestock for meat (beef or veal, see beef cattle), for milk (see dairy cattle), and for hides, which. Class 2 Class 2 Junior Yearling - Born January 1- April 30, 2014. Class 3 Summer Yearling -Born May 1- August 31, 2014. Class 4 Senior Calf - Born after September 1, 2013. Class 5 Two Year Old Heifers. Crossbred Heifer . Heifers will be weighed at fair and classes will be established at that time. (Limit of two crossbred heifers). Cow-Cal Empire Fair to provide an annual scholarship to a junior beef cattle exhibitor at the Fair. The Nau Family provides the funding of the scholarship to honor their late father. -Applicants must be at least 15 years of age and have exhibited breeding beef cattle at the Ozark Empire Fair for at least two years. Applicants will achieve scores base Reserve Heifer $50.00 3rd Heifer $25.00 COW/CALF CLASSES A09 2 Year old & under 4 yr. with calf born after Jan 1, 2020 A10 4 Year old & under 7 yr. with calf born after Jan 1, 2020 Supreme Cow/Calf $100.00 Reserve Cow/Calf $ 50.00 3rd Place Cow/Calf $ 25.00 Feeders And Steers A11 Beef Feeder Heifer by weigh

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1st place - $25.00, 2nd place - $20.00, 3rd place - $15.00, 4th tplace - $10.00, and 5 h - t10 h place - $5.00 each an davailable to all airy poster articipants. Put name and age on back and source of information on front of poster. NOTE: An entry card is required; see Class 58 - Dairy Poster Contest. FAIR EXHIBIT INFORMATIO TROY FAIR OPEN DAIRY CATTLE SHOW Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Jersey, Milking Shorthorn - Thursday, July 28, 2016 at 9:00 AM. Holstein, Red & White - Saturday, July 30, 2016 at 9:00 AM. Show Superintendent: Jim Jenkin

DIVISION: JR. MILKING SHORTHORN Class No. Class #1-3 will be grades and purebreds Blue Red White Pink 1. Junior Heifer Calf 9.00 8.00 7.00 5.00 2. Winter Heifer Calf 3. Fall Heifer Calf Class #4-7 will be grades and purebreds Blue Red White Pink 4. Summer Yearling Heifer 11.00 9.00 7.00 5.00 5 Supreme showman will be the final class of the show. July 19, 2021 Kent County Fairgrounds, Lowell, Michigan Judge: Bruce Gingerich, Millersburg, Indiana Breeds: Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey, Milking Shorthorn and Red & White HeifeR CLASSeS: 1. Spring Heifer Calf (Born 3/1/21 - 5/31/21 2. Winter Heifer Calf (Born 12/1/20-2. case of more than one entry in a class or in case of sickness, an-other Brown County 4-H or FFA member may be secured to show, providing the substitute is approved by the Supt. of the department. We encourage the 4-Her to be present at weigh-in to ensure he/she is entered in the proper class. 9