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  3. Quarter Midgets USA is your one stop shop for all your quarter midget needs.. Call 848.222.4249 please leave a message Lets get ready to race

NC Chassis - Quarter Midget Welcome to NC Chassis Co The 31 G17: Nothing Will Fit Better! The current 31 model car has been a great addition to the G17 series Quarter Midget Chassis. Powder Coat New QM Single Stage. Q10-150. $225.00. Powder Coat New QM Second Stage. Q10-160. $325.00. Small Frame. Q11-005 The Quarter midgets are ¼ scale of the full size midget cars, and race on a ¼ scale track (1/20 mile or 80 m track). They use a scratch-built single seat chassis with a 1 or 2 cylinder mid-engine, rear drive layout and all-encompassing roll carge RSR Quarter Midget Race Cars Stanley quarter midget race cars are available for purchase. Take Your Racing To The Next Level - Place Your Car Order Here or call us at 855.682.4403 Chassis Setup Manual for Asphalt : $39.50: 2200-MAG: Asphalt Manual w/Gauge : $45.00: 2200-MD: Chassis Setup Manual for Dirt : $39.50: 2200-MDG: Dirt Manual w/Gauge --$45.00: 2208: Ride Height Gauge: $15.0

Starting at $55.00ea. 5 and 6 sizes and compounds available for Quarter Midget racing series. Check the price list for available sizes and compounds. $62.00. Details. Rear Axle Spacer 13pc. Kit. Item # 31062001 Storm Chassis Inc. is a quarter midget car and parts manufacturer located in Northeast PA. Learn More. Buy Parts. Tires, Brakes, Gears, Engines, Body Parts, Suspension, Even Apparel and Much More. Learn More. New Cars. Order brand new cars complete with frame, body, nose cone, rails and more 2020 BR1 CHASSIS. ALL ORDERS BY TELEPHONE ONLY - (814)-735-3561. Ordering by phone helps us get the order correct the first time Home. Sherman Race Cars is a Quarter Midget Manufacture out of Phoenix Arizona and race nationally around United States in Quarter Midgets of America & USAC .25 Series. Jeremy Sherman is a racer and now builder with over 20 years experience with Quarter Midget Race Cars. If you're ready to race and win, get in a Sherman Race Car today

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  2. Hoosier Quarter Midget Tire USAC Spec Right Front 33.0/5.0-6 A35 NY1. 59.99. Hoosier Quarter Midget Tires - Various Sizes & Compounds. from 53.99. Stagger Measuring Tape - Tire Sizer. 12.99. Polished DWT Quarter Midget Wheels. from 40.95. Black DWT Quarter Midget Wheels
  3. The cars are approximately one-quarter (1/4) the size of a full-size midget car. The adult-size midget being raced during the start of quarter midget racing used an oval track of one-fifth of a mile in length. The child's quarter midget track is one quarter that length, or 1/20 mile (264 feet)
  4. Magnum Chassis. 506 likes · 2 talking about this · 7 were here. Magnum Chassis is a Quarter Midget manufacture located in Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in the production, manufacturing, and sales of..
  5. The right tire depends on the track surface, class of quarter midget, and chassis setup used. Measurement of how much air is in the tire, expressed in pounds per square inch or PSI. Right side quarter midget tires on asphalt are typically between 10 and 15 psi while left sides are typically below 10
  6. We are one of the largest suppliers of quarter midget & go kart parts on the net. Our company can supply parts for Bullrider Race Cars, Storm Chassis, NC Chassis Prodorutti Quarter Midget Supply • Post Office Box 430 • Kulpsville, PA 19443 • (215) 362-0113 • Email U
  7. There are generally three sizes of Quarter Midget Race Cars, Small (76), Medium (78), and Large (80), with larger sizes available in the rare occurrence they are needed. Purchase Safety Equipment - The average cost for the safety equipment can range in price from $500 - $1,000 for new gear

Tips On Choosing Quarter Midget Books. Quarter Midget cars can be built from a pre-fab chassis or from a scratch design. In either circumstance, it is useful for you to have a good knowledge of vehicle dynamics so that the handling of the car can be understood during setup and racing BOOMERANG RACING QUARTER MIDGET PARTS. QUARTER MIDGET PARTS. Welcome to our Website - dedicated to Quarter Midget Racers everywhere. We built our 1st Quarter Midget in 1963 and have been busy at it ever since. Phone: (909) 627-2219 E-mail: info@boomerangracing.com Hours: 12:00 Noon - 6PM Mon -Sat. All About 1/4 Midgets


Small Meduim Large. Price$250.00. BullRider Nerf and Bumpers w/ Left Third Bar Steel. Complete set of new or old style nerf bars and bumpers with shoulder bar. Made with the strongest and lightest materials available, chromoly 5/8 .049 New style with 3rd bar on left pictured. Style. Please Select.. Karting/Quarter Midget Tires. Technical Information / Tire Applications. SPRINT KARTING: Since entering the kart market in 2006, Hoosier Racing Tire has developed a comprehensive line of dry and wet weather tires for Sprint, Autocross, Enduro and Super Kart applications.Our high quality products provide drivers of any experience level with a tire that meets their high performance needs

A quarter midget is a scaled-down version of an actual midget race car, approximately ¼ scale. The cars are built around a tubular frame and are fully suspended with springs or torsion bars and shocks. The bodies are made from fiberglass or aluminum, and usually painted to the driver's preference. Surrounding the driver is a chrome-molly. 5. See Section VIII for 1/2 Midget engine specifications. B. These engine rules are for use with the preceding engines when used in the Super Stock, Modified, B Modified and AA Modified classes. C. All engines, except 1/2 Midget will be four (4) cycle, normally aspirated, air cooled and American made At FMI, were dedicated to connecting Quarter Midget racers and hobbyists with track-tested and race-approved parts at the best prices online. If you have any questions regarding parts, fitment or shipping, just ask. Our staff of experienced specialists are standing by to help. At FMI Racing, we take pride in helping Quarter Midget racers. Fun sized and just as competitive as any other form of racing, Quarter Midgets are an affordable and safe way to introduce young drivers to the sport of circle track racing. Speedway Motors offers a vast assortment of all the latest Quarter Midget parts and racing accessories to jump start your racing career. Chassis and body, suspension, wheel.

404 Roll Cage and Chassis A. Frame and/or chassis must be constructed of 4130 normalized tubing or equivalent. B. All cars must have a roll cage that is integral with the frame and does not encroach upon an imaginary cylinder, 20 inches in diameter, extending through the top cockpit opening directly above the seat Van-K Wheels enjoys status and regard as one of the No. 1 aluminum racing wheel manufacturers for quarter-midget applications in North America. Located in the hub of racing just north of Mooresville, N.C., Van-K specializes in aluminum racing wheels for quarter-midget racing. Additional information. Weight. 6 oz. Dimensions. 6 × 6 × 8 in. Finish Tanner quarter midgets & Go Kart shocks, axle shafts, steering parts, engine plates, brackets, clamps, chassis alignment bars & shock accessories - contact Mittler Bros QUARTER MIDGET. CHASSIS SETUP MANUAL. Basic Car Setup -- 10 steps to going FAST. STEP 1: Squaring up the car, Lead and Ackerman Steering. STEP 2: Front axle Camber, Caster and Toe-in Settings. STEP 3: Tire Size and Compound. STEP 4: Tire location, Stagger and Tire Pressure. STEP 5 : Ride Heights and Tilt. STEP 6: Coil Springs and Shocks

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  1. MIDWEST TQ MIDGET CAR SPECS: A three quarter midget is defined as a four-wheeled, open cockpit, open-wheeled, single seat vehicle, fabricated for racing purposes with an active driveline between the driver's legs. The power comes from various motorcycle engines, ranging from a 700cc 4-valve to an 840cc 2-valve at approximately 135 hp
  2. 2021 USAC NATIONAL .25 MIDGET RULE BOOK 3 Table Appendix 1-1 USAC Approved Tires USAC Approved Asphalt Right Side .25 Midget Tires Item Number Tire Size Wheel Position Tread Width Approx. Dia Approx. Circ Recom. Rim Measured Rim Section Width Compounds 15325 33.0/5.0-6 NY1 RF 4.5 10.50 33.125 6-6.5 6.0 6.25 A35-NY1 15650 34.5.
  3. Quarter Midget Engine Program. At BRE we take precision workmanship to extreme levels. We carefully choose the best parts and pieces that go into one of our engines while assuring every engine meets the rules for each class or division they are raced in. We use state of the art equipment to test, inspect, flow and prepare our parts before.
  4. Different from a sprint car or midget, traditional quarter midgets are driven by kids from 5 to 15, and have been since the 30's. Based on midgets and sprint cars, but differing mostly in that they are single cylinder rear engine air cooled. In a moment of craziness, I thought it would be neat to build a FULL size quarter midget, using an air.

Surprisingly, 3/4 midgets, also called TQ midgets, have been around since about 1950. The earliest recorded events took place on the east coast. The idea behind the cars was simple, build a car close in size to a midget, install a motorcycle engine, and go race on a clay oval track BOSS Chassis The BOSS Chassis was designed by Austin Brown of KBR Performance and renowned micro, midget and sprint car Crew Chief Flea Ruzic of Millennium Components. BOSS Chassis is a full service open-wheel race car supplier. In addition BOSS Chassis offers a large Pit Stop USA sells Tanner Racing Products, Tanner Quarter Midget Parts, Tanner Quarter Midget Shocks, Tanner Quarter Midget Springs, Tanner Scales, Tanner Wireless Scales, Tanner Complete Ultimate RF Wireless Scales, Tanner RaceScales, Tanner Memory Deluxe RaceScales, Tanner Memory Double Plug Pro Scales, Tanner 999 RaceScales, Tanner RaceScales Jr., Tanner Laser Pad Leveling Kit, Tanner Roll. Quarter Midgets. Quarter Midgets are a popular class of entry level racing and the next step up from racing karts. A quarter midget is ¼ the size of a full midget sprint car. Drivers are usually restricted to the ages of 5 to 16 years old and there are upwards of 4,000 quarter midget racers in the United States

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The name T.Q. originated from the fact that the cars were roughly three quarter the size of a USAC Midget. The cars of today are modern evolutions of the original 1950s concept: Small, light, single seat, open cockpit, pure racing machines utilizing motorcycle or small automotive engines rmvasko. I raced quarter midgets in 1959 and 60 in a locally formed Racing Association. Most had no suspension a few had springs but no shocks They ran Kohler K 91 engines with a 6 to 1 gear reduction built in. No offset chassis.Go-karting had started most ran 4 cycle Clinton engines or 2 cycle Homelite engines

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2005 BOB Car Overview. BOB (Best of Both) is the 2005 GT American Quarter Midget. Constructed with the Best features of Both GT chassis designs, the BOB car delivers high-quality performance in a car that is simple to set-up. With over 500 GT American race cars in the market today, we have taken our experience building championship winning cars. Quarter-Max. Retail: Now: $51.99 - $102.99. Was: Our tubular dropped crossmember has a 3 drop center and is 54 wide. Choose your material between Mild Steel 1-3/4 .130 wall, or 4130 1-3/4 .095 wall. Brackets available separately.This item will have a discounted oversize fee of $40.00 when... RJ-302106 | RJ-302107 Quarter Midget racing is a form of automobile racing. The cars are approximately one quarter (1/4) the size of a full size midget race car. The adult size midget races an oval track of one fifth of a mile in length or larger. The child's quarter midget track is 1/20th of a mile. 1/12th of a mile Shop Quarter Midget Chassis and Suspension parts and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. Quarter Midget Chassis and Suspension parts in-stock with same-day shipping

Complete Chassis (less wheels, tires & motor): 4130 Tig Welded Frame. Aluminum Body Panels (basic colors) with tailcone. Upholstery and foamkit. MCP Hydraulic Brakes with Steel Brake Disk. Front & Rear Hubs. Aluminum Gas Tank. Simpson Safety Belts . Left Side Layover. Car Completely Assembled. Car Sizes are: 76, 78, or 8 Ken had heart trouble when he was 60 and spent 12 months on the sidelines, then he raced a full-sized midget for a time, but you can't keep a good man down. After three years he went back to the three-quarter cars until he turned 70. Since then he has run demonstrations and concentrated on restorations, but, you see, that was 20 years ago Midgets and Micro Sprints New and used midget race cars for sale. These 4-cylinder dirt oval short track race cars have a high power-to-weight ratio, and are the stars of several exciting race series Chassis Components; Quarter Midget Front Hub Bearing Spacer $ 4.95 Use this spacer when using Timken bearings in our front hubs so the bearings can be properly pre-loaded A&J Racing Quarter Midgets are constructed of 4130 Chrome moly tubing to provide maximum strength and safety. Every frame is built in a jig and TIG welded to ensure accurate welds and complete bonding. All A&J Racing Quarter Midgets are QMA and USAC legal. v Chassis fits all engine sizes from Junior Honda to World Formula

HRC 2015 Quarter Midget Birdcages Made from High Quality Aluminium these lightweight Birdcages run Double bearings. These fit 1-3/4 Splined Axles, standard Harris Quarter Wishbones and all Harris Chassis' Austin Kryta will bring his 2018 Stanley Quarter Midget N C Chassis to Autorama. Michigan Midget Racing Association quarter midgets are race cars for kids that are 1/4 the size of a full-size midget race car. Autorama is a very big deal for our club. This is where we get to show off the cars and talk to new families that want to get into. Offyette Quarter Midget. The Larc-Douglass Company began the building of quarter midgets early in 1955 under the brand name, Offyette. This new breed of car used fiberglass bodies and the Continental Red Seal 4 stroke engine. Tire and car size was standardized to make for more equal competition. These cars were built in Mineola, New York and.

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DJ Safety Rookie Package..Helmet, Suit, Gloves, Collar, Arm Restraints. $449.99. Detail Junior Quarter Midgets Victoria is a family motor sport designed specifically for children aged 5 to 16 years. Competitors race on oval tracks approximately 1/20th of a mile in length in specially prepared quarter midget cars with rules and safety procedures designed to create a safe and competitive environment Legendary BangShifter. Join Date: Oct 2007. Posts: 3520. Share. Tweet. #16. July 28, 2011, 09:56 PM. Quarter Midget racing is a blast. You wouldnt think so because of the size of the track, but when the leaders pass each other 4 times a lap....thats good racing 1958 Kurtis Kraft Midget. Midget racing emerged during the late 1930s as America's proving ground for young drivers aspiring to race Sprint cars and the Indianapolis 500. From skills learned in his father's blacksmith shop, Frank Kurtis built his own Midget car chassis during this time, then rose to become a major Midget builder, producing more.

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Sherman Sprint Car Deluxe Pricing. File Size: 39 kb. File Type: pdf. Download File. 2019 Sherman Race Cars Basic Kit. 1 - Chassis constructed of 4130 Chromoly, Tig welded, jig fit dzus tabs, kick out and bumper spuds. BODY Orange show speedway Quarter Midgets. 1 long chassis and 1 short chassis. The black car has an unrestricted Animal Scott's racing motor and the white car has a Scott's racing Honda 120 motor that we raced heavy Honda with. Both motors have less than a half a season on them. All gear and custom light weight pit carts for each unit included


Quarter midgets are exactly what the name suggests - 1/4 the size of a midget race car. And just like their full-scale counterparts, these things are also direct drive. Which of course means they need to be push started. But instead of having a push vehicle, the parents themselves are the ones pushing the kids out onto the track Rear Axles & Components. 1 1/4″ Titanium Straight Axle. $ 1,058.75. Our 1 1/4 Straight Titanium Axles are made for all chassis types! Please note: these axles are not produced until after you place your order. Turn around time is 4-6 weeks. Made to order call 724-588-5898 to place your order This is the complete chassis tuning and set-up guide for quarter midgets, Includes both dirt and asphalt tech, Will teach you race car handling basics, track tuning and adjustment, chassis set up and alignment, etc., Also goes over the different systems, shock absorbers, and even choosing the right wheels and tires Advanced Racing Quarter Midget Shocks. 5 Quarter Midget Midget Shocks. These are Advanced Racing Shocks. Two are 4/3 for the rear of the car and 3of them are 3/3 for the front of the car. Two of the shocks have the smaller collar for a Bullrider/ Storm application. These shocks are ready to run

Quarter Midget Classifieds. July 21, 2014 ·. Hi everyone, the plan is to make this a home for Quarter Midget Classifieds in Australia. Please put your Quarter Midget stuff for sale or wanted here. Racewear, racecars, spares, trailers, whatever.if it's to do with Quarter Midgets, you can put it here Quarter Midget Axle Sprockets. Quarter Midget Axle Sprockets are available in a wide variety of sizes and are CNC Machined, Heat Treated Aluminum. Ultra Lightweight. Tooth Design Allows for Easy Pick & Release. Browse Quarter Midget Axle Sprockets Products. Sort Quarter Midget racing is a form of automobile racing. The cars are approximately one-quarter (1/4) the size of a full-size midget car. The adult-size midget being raced during the start of quarter midget racing used an oval track of one-fifth of a mile in length. The child's quarter midget track is one quarter that length, or 1/20 mile (264 feet) Quickview. Sort By. Easy access holes in the table tops to adjust level with a socket and ratchet. Quickview . Kit price is $500.00 contact JPM Precision Machine and order yours today 918-739-4777!!! Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Items 1-32 of 75. for. Shop Quarter Midget Air and Fuel Delivery parts and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding. It means three-quarter, as in three-quarter midget. Midget race cars were first developed in the late 1930s, single-seat open-cockpit open-wheel machines of a size smaller than seen before. In the late 1940s, midget-midget cars began to appear, and soon they were dubbed three-quarter midgets due to their size

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Chassis tuning with wheel spacing is covered in several of our books, including: #S196 Stock Car Dirt Track Technology. #S239 Paved Track Stock Car Technology #S280 I.M.C.A. Modified Racing Technology #S282 Sprint Car Chassis Technology #S286 Mini Sprint/Micro Midget Chassis Technology #S296 Midget Chassis Technolog Tony Kart Racing Chassis Parts Section, Brakes and Parts with Exploded Views, Seats, Steering Wheels and Components, Axles, Sticker Decal Kits, Everything that OTK and Tony Kart Makes Comet Kart sells. Tonykart Parts work on FA Kart, Kosmic Kart Karting, Quarter Midget, Outlaw Kart, Snowmobile, ATV Trailer & Shop Accessories Air Gauge Holders, Air Gauges, Air Tank Racks Midget Chassis Tubes Mini Sprint Chassis Tubes Axle Tubes & Brackets Sprint Car Heim & Rod Ends Aluminum Lock Nuts Steel Threaded Tube Ends Fittings & Plumbing. Quarter midget sizing Quarter Midget Classifieds. User Name Password The 76, 78, 80 size designations refer to overall length bumper to bumper. Each increase in size (overall length) brings with it a corresponding increase in wheelbase and roll cage height, and the crossbar in the front of the cockpit where the steering shaft bracket.

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  1. I have posted on other 1/4 midget threads, the Cageless midget thread, and the vintage sprint car thread. This is Kurtis kraft 1/4 midget chassis #1. I raced it from 1955 through 1959. I won the first ever national Championship for 1/4 midgets in the AA open fuel class at Phoenix in 1957
  2. g Sunday (June 1) - along with Solos, Sidecars, Formula 500s, Production Sedans, Street Stocks, and Junior Sedans - the 37 event program kicks off at noon. And the Junior Solos and Sidecars start at 10am
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  1. The standard version was priced at the same US$295.00 as a full-sized Devin body. The deluxe version came with a semi-flexible plastic safety windshield, padded headrest and washable interior upholstery and sold for US$319.00. Powering both versions was a 2 HP gas engine (e.g., a Continental four cycle engine, a standard in quarter midget racing)
  2. Many have developed their driving skills racing a micro sprint or quarter midget although some have seen duty in the three-quarter midgets, late model stock cars and sprint car divisions (URC, 358, 410). THE CARS The midget chassis registered with ARDC come from established builders like Stealth, Beast, Ellis, Drinan, Striker, Hawk and Beaber
  3. JOES Racing Products has over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing & racing industries. Order by 3:30PM & your order ships same day. Shop now
  4. imum wall thickness of .049 inch. No bal-last is allowed in the.
  5. Medium size quarter midget for sale. Millenium chassis. Wheel around cart and lots of extra parts. $2700. Call James at 618-214-888
  6. Racing. Quarter Midget Racing is one of the only sports that encourages all members of the family to participate. The kids do the driving while other family members serve as pit crews, child mechanics, scorers, time keepers, and operators of concession stand or novelty booths. This sport teaches the meaning of sportsmanship
  7. Re: vintage quarter midget help. I raced quarter midgets as a kid from 1958 to 62, my Father was a dealer for RaceCraft quarter midgets, Continental engines, and Solt speed equipment. I can't tell you what brand of midget you have, but can say its from the late 60's to late 70's, because of the roll cage, and the brand of wheels

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Shop a huge selection of chassis, suspensions, & components at JEGS. Guaranteed lowest price! Save $10 off $299, $25 off $599, $45 off $999, $100 off $1899 Order Hoosier Quarter Midget Tires - Various Sizes & Compounds. }; With a height of only 16 in., this tire changer is easy to use and easy to store. Troy from Michigan builds quarter midget race cars for youth drivers all across the Midwest USA. Track Side Quick Reference Get the Quarter Midget Setup Sheet you want. Open it up with online editor and begin altering. Complete the blank areas; engaged parties names, places of residence and numbers etc. Change the blanks with exclusive fillable fields. Include the particular date and place your e-signature. Click Done following double-checking everything 1946-1970 King Midget. The 1946 King Midget was a single-seater, styled like a quarter midget race car, with scooped door openings but no doors or top. See more pictures of classic cars. The 1946-1970 King Midget was a minimalist car if ever there was one: tiny, ultra-light, and powered by a one-cylinder engine

Prodorutti Quarter Midget Supply • Post Office Box 430 • Kulpsville, PA 19443 • (215) 362-0113 • Email U The King Midget, on the other hand, was a glorified go-kart. Powered by a lawn mower engine and about half the price of a Crosley, it was initially sold as a single-passenger kit car. Despite their pint-sized stature and basic technology, as many as 5000 King Midget cars (spanning three models) were sold between 1946 and 1970

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Find Hoosier Asphalt Quarter Midget Tires and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Hoosier Asphalt Quarter Midget tires get you hooked up for performance. They produce slicks with varied compounds that will give you the grip you need and remain consistent lap after lap. With a long history of racing, Hoosier is committed through testing and development to keep their tires.

10 Ton Hydraulic Press1/2" Dimple DieLHC 2231193 Racequip 2231193 - PRO Youth SFI 24